Reese’s Makes Trick-or-Treat Bag That Helps You Hide Your Favorite Candy

The unassuming jack-o-lantern bag comes complete with a secret compartment.

October 19, 2022

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Photo by: Photo courtesy of Reese's

Photo courtesy of Reese's

In my house, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are among the most coveted Halloween candies. Enjoyed by all, they are the absolute favorite of more than one of us — which can make for some complicated negotiations, unseemly territorial behavior and regrettable jockeying for position after trick-or-treating.

Reese’s is apparently aware of just these sorts of family dynamics. And so the brand is now releasing a trick-or-treat bag with a secret compartment in which to hide your favorite candy. Way to put the trick in trick-or-treating, Reese’s!

The Reese’s Secret Stash Trick-or-Treat Bag — the first of its kind — appears, at first glance, like a regular jack-o-lantern-shaped treat bag, albeit a rather fetching one. But look more closely and you’ll see a flap on the jack-o-lantern’s right eye into which you can slide in a Reese’s snack-sized cup (or really, any candy you wish to conceal from would-be treat thieves).

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Reese's

Photo courtesy of Reese's

Once stealthily stowed inside the eye opening, the candy drops down into a secret compartment, which is tightly zippered to protect its contents from intruders. Later (when no one is looking), you can unzip the hidden compartment and dig into your secret candy stash — and safely enjoy it without anyone requesting a trade or (gasp!) demanding you share.

So how do you get your candy-sticky hands on one of these bags? Reese’s will make its Secret Stash Trick-or-Treat Bag available to trick-or-treaters starting Wednesday, October 19, at 12 p.m. ET. Those who covet them almost as much as the candy they are made to conceal can visit the Hershey Store website at that time to purchase a 9.6-ounce bag of snack-sized Reese's Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Ghosts, Bats & Pumpkins — you’ll get one of the Reese’s Secret Stash Trick-or-Treat Bag for free, while supplies last. And something tells us the supply of these ingenious bags probably won’t last long …

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