How to Make Fun Halloween Treat Bags

Stuff these festive "boo bags" with your kids’ favorite candy, tiny toys, and (gasp!) even some healthy snacks. They aren’t even very tricky!

By: Caylin Harris
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Photo by: Caylin Harris

Caylin Harris

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These bags are adorable to DIY, and they require very little in the way of materials. In fact, most things you’ll probably already have around the house. Each relies on a simple brown paper lunch bag and scissors, then each requires at least one additional component to add festive style. Here’s how to make each Halloween-themed boo bag:

How to Make the Witch’s Broom Bag

Start with two brown paper bags for this version. Open one of the bags and use a pair of scissors to cut the front panel of the bag down the front into strips. Vary the size of the strips from thin to medium thickness. Once the entire front is cut into long vertical strips, place the second open bag inside the first. Fill the bag with candy, then find a twig or stick from outside for the handle. Insert the stick into the bag, and tie the bags with string going around the stick about half to three quarters of the way up the bag. Trim the excess brown bag around the stick.

How to Make the Frankenstein Bag

Start by painting the front of a brown paper bag three-quarters of the way up with green paint. Let it dry completely. Using scissors and black construction paper, cut a strip for his hair with a zig-zagged bottom, then two T-shaped neck bolts. Glue the hair where the paint ends on the bag, and add the neck bolts on opposite sides, toward the base of the bag. Using a permanent marker draw stiches on his forehead. Fill the bag with candy and fold the top down until you reach the start of the hair.

How to Make the Mummy Bag

Start by cutting long strips of white construction paper with scissors. Vary their thickness. Glue them to the front of your brown paper bag starting at the base, alternating and overlapping the strips of paper going three quarters of the way up the bag. Let them dry completely. Trim the excess of white paper on either side of the bag. Glue googly eyes or candy eyes to the front of the bag (or draw them on with markers) and fill with treats. Fold down the top.

How to Make the Black Cat Bag

Start by drawing a black cat on a piece of construction paper or black glitter paper. If your art skills are lacking, here’s a fun trick: Search online for a black cat silhouette. Use a piece of printer paper and place it against the computer screen and trace. Cut out the cat with scissors to make a template and trace its shape onto the black construction paper, then cut it out. Cut a circle or crescent from orange or yellow construction paper to make a moon and glue them both to the front of the bag.

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