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Egg Halloween Costume for a Child


Egg Halloween Costume for a Child

Egg Halloween Costume for a Child

What you'll need:

  • 3 30-inch squares corrugated cardboard
  • 3 yards white felt
  • Hot-glue gun and sticks
  • 3 yards 1-inch-wide ribbon
  • 1 12-inch-square, 1-inch-thick piece white foam (available at crafts stores)
  • 1/2 yard yellow felt
  • 1 3-foot roll self-adhesive Velcro

What to do:

1. Have the child lie on one square of the corrugated cardboard. Draw a fried egg shape around the child, from the neck to the knees, and cut. Then cut an identical shape from another piece of cardboard.

2. Place one cardboard egg down on two large pieces of white felt and cut out the felt in the same shape, leaving an extra 2 inches all around. Fold the felt over (snipping in parts if necessary) and hot-glue to the cardboard. Repeat with the second piece of cardboard.

3. To make the shoulder straps, cut two 2-inch horizontal slits, 6 inches apart, at the top of each egg panel. Thread ribbon through the slits; secure with a knot.

4. For the yolk, cut a 12-inch cardboard circle, a 12-inch foam circle and a 14-inch yellow felt circle. Stack the foam and then the cardboard on the felt. Make slits on the edges of the felt as shown. Fold the felt up and hot-glue to the cardboard. Attach the yolk to the egg with Velcro.

Photograph by Hallie Burton

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