17 Gifts Perfect for A Christmas Story Superfans

We triple dog dare ya to buy more than one! And don't forget to watch the new sequel, A Christmas Story Christmas, streaming on HBO Max November 17.

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November 14, 2022

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If there’s one Christmas movie that continues to be as popular today as it did when it first came out in movie theaters, it’s A Christmas Story. The 1983 film is a cult classic among fans both young and old, and watching it has become part of dozens of people’s own personal holiday traditions. Symbols from the movie, like the iconic leg lamp and the nefarious flag pole, have also become a part of pop culture. You can even book a stay at the actual house featured in the movie! If you consider yourself a superfan of the original, then you’ll love HBO Max’s brand-new motion picture, A Christmas Story Christmas. Set years after 9-year-old Ralphie Parker’s quest to convince his parents to buy him "the holy grail of all Christmas gifts," the sequel promises to be just as heartwarming, fun and nostalgic.

Streaming on Thursday, November 17th, the film shows a now adult Ralphie returning to his childhood home on "good old Cleveland Street" to celebrate Christmas with his own wife and kids after the passing of his Old Man. Featuring a supporting cast made up of nearly all of the original actors, including Peter Billingsley as Ralphie, Ian Petrella as Ralphie’s kid brother, Randy, Melinda Dillion as Mother Parker and Scott Schwartz and R.D. Robb as Ralphie’s childhood best friends, Flick and Schwartz respectively, A Christmas Story Christmas is sure to become your new favorite holiday flick.

To celebrate the film's release, we rounded up 17 items that are absolutely perfect for spoiling all the Christmas Story superfans in your life. From bunny PJs to towering fruit baskets, we triple dog dare ya to buy them all!

Though Ralphie isn't a fan of the handmade onesie his aunt Clara sends him at the end of the original film, we have a sneaking suspicion his 9-year-old self would have loved getting this adorable bundle from Build-A-Bear Workshop as a Christmas gift. The exclusive teddy bear features tiny depictions of Ralphie's face on its inner paws and feet, and comes with three exact replicas of some of A Christmas Story's best-known props, including a bright pink bunny costume, Ralphie's signature thick-rimmed eyeglasses and Mr. Parker's beloved leg lamp.


You'll get a major award when you give this hilarious set of leg-shaped string lights to the Christmas Story superfan in your life. It comes with 10 lights total, which can be used both inside and outdoors. You can even string them around your Christmas tree!

This limited-release slider bracelet from Alex and Ani is a super chic way to advertise your place in the Christmas Story fandom on a daily basis. It comes with two silver charms, including one that depicts Ralphie's famous, "Oh, Fudge" outburst.

Ralphie leaves quite an impression on his teacher, Miss Shields, when he gives her a towering fruit basket as a present right before Christmas break. Though he's trying to bribe her into giving him an A+ on his "What I Want For Christmas" theme paper, (and thus help convince his parents to buy him a Red Ryder Air Rifle), we think the idea is a pretty tasty one! This deluxe fruit basket from Harry & David comes with many of the same items Ralphie's contained, including bananas, apples and a pineapple, plus a few exotic extras, like kiwis, papayas, mangoes and avocados.


Something tells us that Mr. Parker would have several rather colorful things to say about this one-of-kind nutcracker from Kurt Adler. Standing at 11'' high, it’s perfect for displaying on top of your mantle...or directly in your front window.


Though Mother has to trick Ralphie's younger brother, Randy, into eating a plate full of meatloaf during A Christmas Story, there won’t be any hoodwinking necessary when you buy this hilarious meatloaf-shaped glass ornament as a gift for yourself. We're confident it'll also be a hit with "Mommy's little piggy" and every other foodie or movie buff in your friend group.


This collectable Funko Pop! Pez dispenser depicts Ralphie dressed up as his all-time favorite hero, Cowboy Red Ryder, and is a great stocking stuffer option for newer and younger Christmas Story fans.


This delicious assortment of flavored fudges is a humorous way to pay tribute to Ralphie's infamous potty mouth. With over half-a-pound worth of yummy options like chocolate walnut, rocky road, chocolate cheesecake and chocolate peanut butter, it'll have you delightfully saying "Oh, Fudge" too!


This Christmas Story-themed card game makes a lovely post-movie watching activity for the entire family to do together. It comes with beautifully illustrated playing cards that depict some of the movie's most-beloved characters, locations and symbols, like Ralphie’s long awaited Little Orphan Annie decoder ring.


Whether you call it a major reward, or a fra-gi-le masterpiece, this leg-shaped, fringy-shaded lamp plays a pretty important role in A Christmas Story. Though it's a bit on the pricier side, it'll certainly be the talk of your neighborhood once you place it in your front window for everyone to see. Just make sure you move it out of the way before you begin watering your living room plants...


Though Mr. Parker would say you look like "a pink nightmare," donning this iconic head-to-toe Easter bunny suit, we think you'd look pretty darn adorable. Unlike Ralphie's costume from Aunt Clara, this one features removable slippers and mittens, so you can wear it as a pajama on cold winter nights.


This oversized mug can hold up to 20 fluid ounces of all your favorite hot and cold beverages and makes a very appropriate party favor if you happen to throw A Christmas Story Christmas viewing party.

"A bonafide gally turki-kanus freak." That's how an older Ralphie describes his father's love for roast turkey during the course of the original A Christmas Story. If you feel the same exact way about the holiday main, but want to wait until Christmas to satisfy your bird craving, treat yourself with this dessert turkey instead! The whimsically decorated creation features four spongy layers of buttery vanilla cake and three layers of decadent chocolate cream cheese frosting for a sweet treat that's sure to ruffle more than a few feathers. Just be sure to keep it well hidden away from the Bumpus hounds!


This Christmas Story-themed advent calendar makes counting down all the days until Christmas, or the holiday "around which the entire kid year revolves," as Ralphie puts it, even more fun thanks to the 24 toys hidden inside it. We love the little Flick figurine, which comes equipped with a miniature flag pole, best of all.


One of the most memorable moments from A Christmas Story is when Ralphie gets his mouth washed out with soap and water for saying a bad word. It's a pretty epic punishment, and these soap-shaped candies from Boston America make an equally epic gift for diehard fans of the film. We promise the sour cherry-flavored sweets taste nothing like the "piquant after-dinner flavor of Palmolive."


Making A Christmas Story-themed holiday cookies has never been easier thanks to this hilarious cookie cutter set. It comes with seven cookie cutters total, each shaped like one of the film's best-known symbols, including the leg lamp, an air rifle, a turkey leg and Ralphie's eyeglasses. For additional guideance on how to best decorate your leg lamp cookies, check out this recipe from our very own Dan Langan!


As Ralphie would say, we think this brightly-colored Christmas Story-themed sweater is a much better gift than a football! It's also a great fit for your yearly ugly sweater party.

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