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Tyler's Texas-Style Beef Chili

Tyler Florence makes a pot of rich, spicy Texas-Style Beef Chili.

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Want to eat at a restaurant, food truck or food-court eatery featured on one of Tyler's shows? Now you can.

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  • Tyler's Ultimate

    A stunning centerpiece for any holiday meal, Tyler's Ultimate Pork Crown Roast is as easy as it is elegant. Tyler's famous Cornbread Stuffing, Gravy and Buttered Turnip Puree will make you the star of the season.

  • Food Court Wars

    Tyler Florence visits Huntsville, Ala., where two local teams of aspiring restaurateurs compete to win their very own food court restaurant, rent-free for a year! It's team Perkins & Sons hotdogs vs. team Kettle n' Spouts shrimp-and-grits as they go head to head in the ultimate battle testing their concept, marketing their brand, and attempting to outsell their competition at Madison Square Mall.

  • Food Court Wars

    Retirees Mary and Thomas, a married couple of 45 years, have been selling their famous Mississippi Delta tamales off a hot plate at a gas station in a neighboring town, always imaging how successful they could be with a proper kitchen in the right location. After having worked in restaurants for the past ten years, best friends Erika and Stevo have dreamed of opening their own place serving authentic New Orleans style po' boys, but due to circumstances beyond their control, their careers were put on hold. In Meridian, Miss., these two teams will face-off in a battle of good ole' Southern cooking and only one will ultimately win their very own food court restaurant in Food Court Wars!

  • Tyler's Ultimate

    Today Tyler's pulling out all the stops with a classic menu for your next dinner party. Classic holiday showstoppers like Beef Wellington and profiteroles will bring rounds of applause and set the stage for your Ultimate holiday dinner!

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Tyler mentors home cooks on Worst Cooks in America, hosts The Great Food Truck Race and shares recipes on Tyler's Ultimate. More

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