Best 5 Thanksgiving Entertaining Ideas

As you plan your Thanksgiving feast, consider what you'll need to host the holiday at home, like seasonal decor and easy entertaining gadgets to put finishing touches on the meal.
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Fill glass bottles with grains and spices for a colorful arrangement.

Photo by: Marshall Troy ©2012,Television Food Nerwork, G.P. All rights Reserved

Marshall Troy, 2012,Television Food Nerwork, G.P. All rights Reserved

With less than three weeks until Thanksgiving, you have likely ordered your turkey by now and are beginning to craft the rest of your menu. But as you plan for the feast, it's a good idea to consider what you'll need to host the holiday at home beyond a bird and pumpkin pie, like table-setting inspiration, seasonal decor, and timesaving tools and tricks that will make meal prep easier. Read on below to find Food Network's top-five entertaining guides and learn how much food to shop for depending on your guest list, plus simple tablescape ideas and nice-to-have gadgets to make cooking a cinch.

5. 20-Second Place Setting — All it takes is a few seconds and classically finished flatware to create an elegant place at the table. Make your guests feel extra special by gifting them personalized name cards at their set spots.

4. DIY Kids' Table — Let your little ones put the finishing touches on the kids' table with paper placemats they can color, handmade pinecone crafts and a quick-fix apple dessert.

3. Cooking and Baking Tools — From roasting pans and carving knives to potato mashers, measuring cups and hand sifters, outfit your kitchen with all of the essentials to prepare a showstopping Thanksgiving dinner and dessert.

2. Dinner Portion Planner — Before you start shopping for Thanksgiving dinner ingredients, check out Food Network's menu planner to learn about how much of each key element, like stuffing, potatoes, pies and wine, your guests will likely eat and drink.

1. Centerpiece and Decorating Ideas (pictured above) — With just a few everyday products like empty wine bottles and cookie jars, plus bright pops of color, you can turn a basic table into a dressed-up scene worthy of the holiday.

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