Make Your Own Thanksgiving Drumstick Place Settings

These DIY conversation starters are sure to give you a "leg" up on great table talk at Thanksgiving.

By: Caylin Harris

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Drum(stick) Up Great Conversation

Thanks to quarantine there’s been a lot of family togetherness... well, at least with the people you live with and see on the regular. If you’ve officially run out of things to talk about, this craft is ideal for you! It is not only a playful DIY place card, this little turkey leg comes with a surprise inside: a question for everyone in the family to answer. You can’t go wrong with décor that’s also an inspiring, conversation-provoking activity!

What You'll Need

  • Paper towel tube or toilet paper tube
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Tissue paper
  • Crinkle paper or shredded paper
  • Slip of colorful construction paper
  • White paint
  • White paint pen or marker

Step One: Make the Bone

Use your paper towel tube to make the long leg bone of your drumstick. Cut it down to what feels like an appropriate size based on an estimate of how big the "meat" part will be. Use any excess to cut into pieces that will form the Y shape of the bone, then place one end inside the other and tape so you’re making a shape like a V or butterfly.

Step Two: Make the Y-End of the Bone

To bulk it up, wrap the v in extra tissue paper, place the V into the open end of the towel roll and use tape to cover and secure it to the end.

Step Three: Stuff the Drumstick

Double up the tissue paper and place a handful of crinkle paper or shredded paper in the center of the tissue paper sheets. On a piece of colorful construction paper, write a fun conversation starter type question, like, "if you could have any superpower what would it be and why?" or "what movie scene made you laugh hardest?" Place it inside the stuffing and gather the tissue paper around it. Cut the excess, leaving just enough to attach to the paper towel roll.

Step Four: Attach the Stuffed “Turkey Meat”

Using the masking tape, tape the ends of the tissue paper "meat" to the towel roll. Try to keep the sections with the paper jagged where you tape it. Try to avoid a perfectly straight line of tape.

Step Five: Paint the Leg Bone

Using white paint, paint the paper towel tube, go over the tape and make sure to cover the end completely. If you’re using the turkey leg as a place card, use a white paint pen to write the name on the tissue paper section.

Step Six: Get a Leg Up on the Table!

Arrange each as if it’s a drumstick on the plate, then dig in and enjoy!