Turkey Tips + Techniques

Brined and Roasted Turkey
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Flavorful Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Mix-and-Match Turkey

Check out Food Network Magazine's step-by-step guide to turkey.

Customize Your Bird

Instant Pot Turkey

Save the oven space with this no-sweat turkey and gravy.

Tender & Juicy

Small Crowd?

Easiest Turkeys Ever

Deep-Fried Turkey

Fry Your Bird

Chicken-Fried Turkey Legs

Switch it up this year with giant fried turkey legs.

Perfect for Friendsgiving

How to Adapt Your Turkey Recipe

When it comes to selecting and cooking the bird, even the most-experienced Thanksgiving hosts can feel overwhelmed. Here are a few helpful workarounds for some common turkey conundrums.

FNK's Guide to Turkey Troubleshooting

To Brine or Not to Brine?

Chefs' Brined Birds

No Brine, No Baste

This super-simple method results in a juicy, tender bird.

Trisha's Family Recipe

Dry-Brined Turkey

Rub the turkey with a dry mix of sugar, salt and pepper.

Try This Simple Method

The Holiday Bird: Everything You Need to Know

Regional Turkey Favorites

Feast 911: Defrosting

Bird still frozen? Follow Anne's tips for quick defrosting.

Speedy Turkey Defrosting

Top 10 Turkey Tips

Follow this simple guide to turn out a terrific bird.

Everything You Need to Know