FN Stars Whip Up Warming Drinks

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Thanksgiving Cocktails

FN all-star chefs share ideas for their favorite Thanksgiving cocktails.

Sip Fall Flavor

Cranberry Sparkler

Cranberries and fresh lime keep Champagne company.

Mix It Up

Bubbly Limoncello

Stir up a lemon-laced spritzer with a splash of whiskey.

Get the Recipe

Pepper & Pie Cocktail

Bourbon mixed with apple cider, pumpkin and pepper.

Savory Sipper

Cranberry Sauce Gets Spiked

Add a shot of cheer to your jellied cranberry sauce! This vodka-spiked version is so easy to make ahead and looks just like its nonalcoholic cousin, so be sure to keep it away from the kids' table!

Boozy Jellied Cranberry Sauce

Bobby's Sherry Cocktail

Try out his smooth, citrus-spiked Thanksgiving cocktail that's perfect for dessert.
Sherry Cocktail