Grilling: Full Episodes

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Girls that Grill

Who ever thought grilling was strictly for guys - think again!

Summer Inspiration

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Grilling in the Kitchen

Cleaning Out the Fridge

Ree's turning forgotten foods into recipes like Tex-Mex Chicken.

Burning Up the Kitchen

Southern Barbecue

Ayesha's entertaining family with a meal that includes Carolina Pulled Pork.

A Taste of the South

All-Day Grilling

Valerie's grilling everything from the French toast to the lemonade.

Grilling California-Style

Competitive Grilling

Grilling Game

The ovens are off-limits as the chefs must grill in all three rounds.

Chopped Grillfest

All Burgers on GGG

Four burger masters are ready to see how they stack up against Guy's games.

License to Grill

Grill Warfare

Alex Guarnaschelli and Carla Hall grill the cooks and cons in this episode.

Grill or Be Grilled

Barbecue on the Road

Spicy and Smoky in Sin City

Josh Denny heads to Vegas for a massive burger and a two-foot long BBQ sandwich.

Ginormous Foods

Burgers, Beef and Barbecue

Guy's diving into the bomb beef and barbecue in Orlando, Florida and Temecula, California.

BBQ Finds on Triple D

Kids BBQ Championship

The barbecue now belongs to a new generation of grillers in the competition hosted by Eddie Jackson and Damaris Phillips.

Young Talent in Action