How to Make a Cauldron O' Candy

How to make a creepy candy holder using dry ice.

smoldering cauldron of candy for halloween treats

Whenever Todd Bailey, the prop expert for Good Eats with Alton Brown, wants to create an eerie scene on the show, he turns to dry ice. "It works better than a fog machine," he says. Add a little drama to your Halloween setup with Todd's spooky tricks.

Making a Spooky Cauldron for Halloween Candy

Place a 10-inch-wide metal bowl upside down inside a 12-inch-wide pot.

Add Dry Ice Chunks Around Inverted Bowl

Break up a 10-pound block of dry ice. Using gloves or tongs, place half the chunks in the pot around the inverted bowl.

Add Water to Dry Ice for Smoking Cauldron of Candy

Place a 10-inch-wide bowl right side up on top of the inverted bowl and fill with candy. Add water to the dry ice, filling the pot three-quarters full. Add more dry ice as necessary.

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