Stunning Sweet Masterpieces from Candy Land

The best sugar and cake artists made amazing sugar creations using sweets they foraged from the different candy worlds.

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo By: Isabella Vosmikova

Red Team Tasty Treat: Minty's Peppermint Patty

For the mini treat challenge, King Kandy requested stackable desserts that reflect the candy worlds each team was competing in. Jewel made a toasted pecan Mexican wedding cookie topped with two peppermint patty-like candies and a sugar isomalt halo.

Yellow Team Tasty Treat: Cookie Butter Truffle

Miriam used crushed cookie and graham crackers along with heavy cream, chocolate chips and roast hazelnuts.

Orange Team Tasty Treat: Stacked Waffle Surprise

Deavynne created three different waffles: raspberry, white chocolate and blackberry. She layered them with lime and lemon mousse and topped it with gold leaf and cream cheese icing.

Pink Team Tasty Treat: Passion Fruit Gumdrop

Alexis made multiple layers of gelee with a passion fruit mousse and opaline discs to separate the different layers. On top is a gelatinized raspberry.

Blue Team Tasty Treat: Spiced Milk Chocolate Ripple

Eric made a truffle tart that's layered with rich whipped cream, orange zest, white chocolate and candied orange peel.

Orange Team Magical Creature: Lemonlicious the Mysterious

Everything she steps on turns into lemonade, and her scepter makes it rain candy!

Pink Team Magical Creature: Gooey Gonzo, the Gumdrop Guardian

The only one of his kind, Gonzo collects gumdrops from the town villagers of Gumdrop Mountains, which he uses to feed his little critters and plug up holes in the gumdrop bridge above him.

Red Team Magical Creature: Lord Minty and the Mintaminx Family

This family works together in Peppermint Forest to collect bark that gets chopped by Lord Minty. They scatter the bark throughout the land so that everyone has sweet, sugary dreams.

Blue Team Magical Creature: Ruby the Unicorn Dragon

Ruby Temperten is a rare truffle ridgeback who lives in the Ruby Caverns high up in the peaks of Chocolate Mountain, where she collects rare chocolates to trade throughout Candy Land.

Yellow Team Magical Creature: Olliepop

Olliepop is a gentle giant who hides himself in the Lollipop Woods. Because of his timid and reserved personality, he lives underground and only comes out to find his favorite snacks —the dessert that Miriam made during the tasty treat challenge.

Yellow Team Triple Crunch Treat: Gum Drop Mountain Crunch Bar

Jordan made a dessert that's the colors of Gum Drop Mountain, with a layer of cocoa nib and puffed rice crunch, candied almonds and an orange milk-chocolate ganache.

Pink Team Triple Crunch Treat: Chocolate Bomb

At the center of Robert's dessert is a chocolate financier and a chocolate cremeux, which is like a creamy ganache, with candied hazelnut, cocoa nibs, streusel and raspberry jam.

Blue Team Triple Crunch Treat: Strawberry Crunch

Cinthya made a coconut honey mousse with lime coconut streusel, a strawberry crunch and a mango passionfruit compote garnished with white chocolate shards.

Red Team Triple Crunch Treat: Triple Lemon Compassion Crunch Tart

Linda's tart features a meringue infused with basil that's topped with a pistachio crunch.

Yellow Team Candy Ride: Gum Drop Air Balloon Car

This self-driving vehicle is also an air balloon with wings that can fly over Gum Drop Mountains.

Red Team Candy Ride: Flying Hoverboard

This hover round is meant to fly over Lemon Lime Springs and is powered by the carbonated juice that's found in the trees.

Blue Team Candy Ride: Heli-Hover

Billed as the Heli-Hover 2000, this flying contraption is complete with candy propellers!

Pink Team Candy Ride: Cocoamotive Air Trip Express

This blimp is powered by cocoa, while the gondola is shaped like an eclair.

Blue Team Tasty Treat: S'more Please

This week the teams were challenged to create desserts that looked like one thing but actually tasted like something else. Brittani made a s'more shaped like a gum drop. It has a graham cracker crust with a marshmallow filling and chocolate cake.

Pink Team Tasty Treat: Candy Apple Mousse

Robert decided to play on the overall carnival theme and create a candy apple. But it's actually a whipped cream cheese mousse with a mango jam, with candy almonds and a a lemon olive oil cake on the bottom.

Red Team Tasty Treat: High Note

Deva made a piano key that's a cookie butter s'more. The layers are toasted graham crackers, marshmallows with a cookie butter drizzle and an Italian meringue cookie butter.

Yellow Team Tasty Treat: Carnival Snow Cone

Jamilla created this snow cone with a white chocolate shell that has a mint chocolate chip mousse on the inside.

Pink Team Carnival Creation: King Kandy Fun House

This week the Pink Team had the advantage of picking their candy world, and they chose Lollipop Woods. Since they imagined the land getting spooky at night, they decided to create a funhouse that glows in the dark.

Red Team Carnival Creation: Lady Music

The Red Team built a one-woman band with a music box that features a candy kaleidoscope, amd its architecture matches the design of the gingerbread house in Chocolate Mountain.

Blue Team Carnival Creation: Water Pistol Game

The Blue Team created a midway game where characters, including Candy Andy, are having fun squirting water at each other with sugar pistols.

Yellow Team Carnival Creation: Peppermint Pick-Me-Up

The citizens of Peppermint Forest rush to line up to receive their fortunes from oracles Pepper, Mint and Cane. In order to get your fortune, you have to toss a peppermint candy into one of the oracles' bowls.

Yellow Team Tasty Treat: Color Bomb Slingshot

Grace's color bomb is a dark chocolate truffle with candied almonds, and it's loaded on a chocolate slingshot. The extra pellet is also a dark chocolate truffle with a hint of passionfruit that's encased in white chocolate.

Pink Team Tasty Treat: Coconut Fudge Balls

Mona's dessert is an Indian-inspired treat, and the main ingredient is coconut. The pink is rose-flavored, while the green is pistachio and on the side is a mango sauce.

Red Team Tasty Treat: Strawberry-Cream Cheesecake Pop

Ray made a strawberry mousse cheesecake with strawberry coulis and streusel inside a marbled chocolate sphere that looks like a lollipop.

Pink Team Sport: Don't Drop the Gumdrop!

This game is a balancing act -- whoever can hold the gumdrop the longest gets a gumdrop medal.

Yellow Team Sport: Chocolate Mountain Mayhem

Each team is equipped with a cannon that shoots chocolate ganache and slows down their opponents. The team that gets the most golden nuggets is crowned the Masters of Mayhem.

Red Team Sport: Lollyputt

This game is a mashup of pinball and mini golf that's being played by a little girl and her dad. The winner gets a lollipop flower trophy.

Pink Team Tasty Treat: Chocolate Cloud

Underneath a dark chocolate shell is a white-chocolate cream with a rosemary caramel on top of a chocolate walnut brownie. The judges cracked Robert's dessert open with the chocolate candy cane.

Red Team Tasty Treat: Just Peachy

Jewel made a coconut panna cotta with a salted brown sugar crumble and a blown-sugar peach on top. Inside of the peach is a Prosecco peach coulis, and the hammer is made from isomalt.

Yellow Team Tasty Treat: Something to Celebrate

Jordean created a hollow lollipop and on the inside is a dark-chocolate truffle, a raspberry-lime coulis and a champagne caramel. The judges cracked it open with a lollipop from Lollipop Woods.

Pink Team: Cloud Master 6000

In the Peppermint Forest town square, the Cloud Master 6000 makes peppermint clouds that rain peppermint treats and snowflakes so it's always snowing and magical.

Red Team: Community Garden

In Gumdrop Mountains is a community garden where the residents can plant and harvest gumdrops. It features a lot of sugar work like butterflies and pulled sugar flowers.

Yellow Team: The Candy Keeper

Since there is a surplus of lollipops in Lollipop Woods, there's a clocktower in the town square that bubbles every hour as a reminder to eat your share of lollipops.