10 Best Foods at Disney World's Star Wars Land

You can finally try blue Bantha milk just like Luke Skywalker. Except at Disney World, you can add space rum.

Photo By: David Roark

Photo By: David Roark

Photo By: Kent Phillips

Photo By: Kent Phillips

Photo By: David Roark

Oi-Oi Puff

Star Wars has always been an out-of-this-world pursuit, but now both Disneyland and Walt Disney World have brought the galaxy to real life Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The new themed land, set on the planet Batuu, is full of galactic eats and drinks — some directly inspired by the films and some completely brand new like the Oi-Oi Puff dessert at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo. The space-inspired cream puff features a raspberry mousse with a subtle hint of passion fruit plus a gilded, galactic chocolate topper.

Blue Milk

Remember in A New Hope when Luke Skywalker sat down at the dinner table and his aunt poured a glass of blue milk? Fans have been dying regular milk blue for years to recreate this, but Disney took it a step further by giving the drink a distinct flavor profile. Technically, blue milk comes from a Bantha, a yak-like space mammal with a long furry tail. But Disney’s version is 100% vegan and more appropriate for 95-degree Central Florida (er, Batuu) heat. It’s a frozen blend of coconut and rice milk with a mystery blend of tropical fruit flavors. "We wanted it to be cool, crisp and refreshing," said Chef Brian Piasecki, culinary director of Disney’s Flavor Lab (the research and development center for food and beverage at Disney parks). "It probably wouldn’t work if there was a dairy element in there. The coconut milk, the rice milk and all of those fruity elements really helped us put that flavor profile together." And they didn’t stop with blue. If you remember the scene in The Last Jedi where Luke literally milks a Thala-siren (a giant sea cow that hilariously low-key lounges like a human sitting up) and thought to yourself wow that must taste great because he’s chugging it, now you can taste it for yourself. Like blue milk, green milk is also vegan with a coconut/rice milk blend, but green milk is much more floral in its proprietary profile. The space milks are available at Galaxy’' Edge in both Disneyland and Disney World, but at Disney World you can make it boozy. If you order it boozy, blue milk gets a shot of rum, while the more citrusy green milk gets tequila.

Braised Shaak Roast

If you’ve worked up an appetite zooming around Batuu’s Blackspire Outpost, Docking Bay 7, the land’s fast-casual, sit-down restaurant, has a full menu of alien-inspired meals — even options for little padawans. But of all the entrees, the galactic pot roast (available only for dinner) with cavatelli pasta, kale, mushrooms and "super savory and very flavorful" space gravy is the best.

Felucian Garden Spread

For vegans and vegetarians, Docking Bay 7’s Felucian Garden Spread entree is a solid choice. The plant-based "meatball" dish (Disney World uses the Impossible product.) is inspired by the vegetarian planet of Felucia and features an herb hummus and tomato-cucumber relish with pita bread. "Spice is an element that we used in many developments for Galaxy’s Edge because we know that the food’s got to be flavorful," said Chef Piasecki. "It needed to have a different texture and element of spice. Spice is one of the trends that we’re starting to see in the industry so we’ve been using it a little bit more. We try to balance it out with fat or sweet or savory, but it will have that more flavorful, rustic kind of spice element. So, in the Felucian Garden Spread, it’s that Kefta-style rice with those kind of toasted Moroccan spices."

The Fuzzy Tauntaun

One of the most memorable scenes in the Star Wars franchise is the bustling cantina in A New Hope. And now, you too can step inside a space bar with alien junk/decor, strange critters in tanks and tunes blasting courtesy of droid DJ R-3X. Oga's Cantina is designed for the whole family to enjoy. There are cocktails like the Jedi Mind Trick, but the galactic watering hole also has fun mocktails such as the Blue Bantha (with a seriously cute cookie topper). But for something with an other-worldy experience as well as Instagram factor, the Fuzzy Tauntaun is what you want to spend your galactic credits on. The peachy cocktail (peach vodka + peach schnapps) is topped with a "buzz button tingling" foam that might slightly, temporarily numb your mouth!

Batuu Bits

If you want some nosh with your cocktails at Oga’s Cantina, order a bowl of Batuu Bits for the table. This space trail mix features a strange mix of crunchy, crisp pieces, from spicy wasabi to freeze-dried chocolate that looks like bone marrow. And for something more hearty, there’s a secret menu charcuterie with an over-the-top, other-worldly design. This isn’t Earth prosciutto and olives. The $20 platter features a weird spread with dried beef rounds and grilled Spam.

Oga's Obsession

For the kids or non-drinkers at Oga’s Cantina, there are galactic, non-alcohol cocktails such as the Carbon Freeze or the Cliff Dweller. And for a snack, Oga’s Obsession is a must for any Jello lover. The Petri dish-esque treat features a cotton candy flavor with Odwalla lemonade and blue popping pearls. It’s definitely one of the most- Instagrammable eats in Galaxy’s Edge.

The Ronto Wrap

If you just want a quick bite and don’t want to sit down, head over to the Tatooine-inspired Ronto Roasters for wraps and space (turkey) jerky. Since Galaxy’s Edge opened, the Ronto Wrap has developed quite the cult following on social media for its pork-slaw combo drizzled with a spicy peppercorn sauce. Soon vegans and vegetarians can join in on the craze as the galactic rotisserie just rolled out a "Ronto-Less" Wrap made with Impossible sausage and a seriously tasty kimchi slaw. Currently, the plant-based wrap is only available at Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland but Chef Piasecki confirmed that special cargo will be arriving on the East Coast Batuu very, very soon. "The Ronto Wrap has been one of the most popular menu items that we have in Galaxy’s Edge," he said. "We are waiting for those cargo ships to bring in those appropriate items so we can get that vegan, plant-based Ronto Wrap on that menu."

Fried Endorian Tip-Yip

For a flavor profile more in line with Earth fare, the Fried Endorian Tip-Yip at Docking Bay 7 is a safe bet. The fried chicken dish can be served with a bed of mashed potatoes or mac and cheese with roasted veggies.

The Outpost Mix

You won’t find churros or Mickey bars on Batuu, but there is popcorn — with a galactic twist, of course. Located in the open-air Black Spire Outpost Marketplace, Kat Saka’s Kettle serves up unique popcorn flavors such as The Outpost Mix. The bright purple and red popcorn has a bit of a polarizing love-it-or-hate-it reaction on social media for it’s sweet-then-spicy profile. (We love it!) Picture the super-fruity, candy-like taste of Fruity Pebbles cereal, with a snappy spice at the end.