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The Best Restaurants at Disneyland

Here are the best places to eat at Disneyland in Anaheim, California — its two theme parks, two hotels and Downtown Disney District dining and entertainment complex.

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Galactic Gastronomy: Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

You needn’t be well-versed in Jedis and nerfherders to eat like a Star Wars character. Stroll into Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge land and you’ll be immersed in this otherworldly realm. The counter-service Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo plates up hefty intergalactic meals such as smoked kaadu ribs with a blueberry muffin and cabbage slaw, and a meat-free Ithorian Garden Loaf “meatloaf” with mushroom sauce. For yet quicker fuel, quench your thirst in Luke Skywalker-approved style by drinking a refreshing glass of milk at the Milk Stand: blue milk – it has a fruity twist — or green milk – a orange blossom/tangerine tang — your choice. They’re not made of dairy, actually, but coconut and rice milks, so they're vegan. Get other literal tastes of Stars Wars with jerky and spicy sausage wraps at Ronto Roasters, or go boozy at Oga’s Cantina with a Bloody Rancor (like a Mary, with chile liqueur).

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Hot Diggity Dog: Little Red Wagon

Forget artisan. Forget gourmet. If you really want to embrace a Disneyland vacation, head to Main Street and treat yourself to a corn dog. A humble cart called the Little Red Wagon has no dedicated page on the Disneyland website and no posted menu. All day every day, though, folks line up to have this battered and fried dog within the outfit’s petite ice cream truck-like housing. Each corn dog emerges piping hot, with a crisp outer layer and a cushiony interior. The salty frank and sweet-ish cornbread-like coating complement each other like Beauty and the Beast. Fans universally agree that this is the best corn dog ever, but if you happen to be at Disney California Adventure instead, you can get a pretty close substitute at the Corn Dog Castle.

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Just Chillin’: Tiki Juice Bar

You never heard of the Tiki Juice Bar? Neither did we – until we sought out the source of Dole Whip®. As it turns out, this frosty, silky, sweet and tangy soft-serve wonder does, indeed, have a home with a name. It’s a little counter outside the Enchanted Tiki Room. In true Adventureland style, the Dole Whip is tropically flavored with pineapple. Even better, this creamy, luscious frozen treat is entirely dairy-free. We like a simple swirly cone-full, but we do see fellow Mouseketeers enjoying a Dole Whip Float. That has pineapple juice and the soft-serve. More disciplined guests order only the pineapple juice, which is also refreshing.

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Enchanted Sandwich: Café Orleans

Café Orleans has welcomed hungry park-goers in New Orleans Square since 1966, yet we wouldn’t urge you to dine there based on nostalgia alone. The Monte Cristo sandwich with pommes frites is one big reason enough to recommend the old-timer. First, that sandwich: Kind of like a croque-monsieur, it is filled with turkey, ham and Swiss cheese; battered and fried; and topped with powdered sugar and pureed berries. Its partner on the plate has its own destination status. These french fries are tossed with garlic, parsley and Parmesan cheese, then served with a spicy Cajun remoulade. At lunchtime, you can get that same Monte Cristo at the more upscale Blue Bayou. The only catch: It comes with a fruit skewer instead of the fries, and it costs a bit more.

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