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Santa Fe Bite

According to Ted Allen, Santa Fe Bite in Santa Fe, N.M., uses up a whopping 4,000 pounds of green chiles every year, and that's just for their green-chile burgers, which Roger Mooking describes as "a rich, satisfying bite."

Find the Restaurant: Santa Fe Bite

Casper and Runyon's Shamrock Irish Nook 

"The key to The Juicy Nookie, of course, is the melting cheese," Andrew Zimmern reveals of the cheese-stuffed double-patty burger at Minneapolis' Casper and Runyon's Shamrock Irish Nook. The team there opts for a mixture of three cheeses in the decadent filling: American, cheddar and Monterey Jack. "It is one of the world's great burger experiences," according to Andrew.

Find the Restaurant: Casper and Runyon's Shamrock Irish Nook

Father's Office

For Marc Murphy, it's all about the burger inspired by French onion soup at Father's Office in Los Angeles. This dry-aged beef patty boasts a rich slather of bacon-onion marmalade and a blanket of gooey cheeses with peppery fresh arugula. "When you eat this thing, lean over, 'cause you're going to have a lot of juices running everywhere, and what's great about all those juices is [that] the bread is absorbing all of the juices," Marc says.

Kuma's Corner

"The Slayer Burger — they call this everything but the kitchen sink," Jeff Mauro explains of this "mountain of deliciousness" at Chicago's Kuma's Corner. The seasoned 10-ounce patty sits atop a bed of golden fries, and toppings like andouille sausage, cherry peppers, caramelized onions, beefy chili and a layer of cheese finish this over-the-top monstrosity.

Find the Restaurant: Kuma's Corner

Roam Artisan Burgers

Featuring melted Gruyère cheese and soft, sweet caramelized onions, the juicy turkey burger at Roam Artisan Burgers in San Francisco is nestled between two layers of tangy Dijon mustard, but it's not finished without a blanket of cheesy fries — directly on top of the burger. "Every single bite that you get is a little bit different," says Marcel Vigneron. 

Find the Restaurant: Roam Artisan Burgers 

Holeman and Finch Public House

"Is it that good? I think so," Aarón Sánchez says of The Burger, a now-infamous two-patty beauty served at Atlanta's Holeman and Finch Public House. This double cheeseburger is served simply — with homemade pickles on top, and sides of ketchup and mustard — so you can customize it just how you want it.

Find the Restaurant: Holeman and Finch Public House


Not your ordinary burger, the seasoned beef patty at New York City's Ramen.Co is nestled between two slabs of ramen noodles instead of a traditional bun. "There's a lot of different textures going on, a lot of different flavors," Katie Lee reveals of this next-level burger, topped with a concentrated ramen broth, fresh scallions and vibrant arugula.

Find the Restaurant: Ramen. Co

Village Whiskey

"A veggie burger has a lot of work to do to graduate and be able to be called a burger," Fabio Viviani admits, but the Veggie Burger at Philadelphia's Village Whiskey surely fills the bill. This moist patty, made with lentils and black beans, plus colorful vegetables, kale and roasted padron peppers, is seared until crunchy on the outside and finished with creamy, cool guacamole and pickled cabbage.

Find the Restaurant: Village Whiskey

Yakuza Lounge

Portland's Yakuza Lounge offers an Asian-inspired Yakuza Burger seasoned with togarashi — a blend of orange peel, chile and black sesame seeds — and built with a smear of Sriracha-mayonnaise sauce and a mountain of shoestring togarashi fries. "They've stayed true to their Japanese concept by taking something super traditional and making it theirs," Antonia Lofaso explains.

Find the Restaurant: Yakuza Lounge

Alden & Harlow

"It's a burger that has been given a lot of love," says Anne Burrell of the off-menu Secret Burger at Alden & Harlow. This Cambridge eatery makes only 36 of this decadent burger, featuring a juicy patty finished with pickles, fresh lettuce, Caesar-style sauce and a baked cheddar crisp. But don't worry: More become available late at night. 

Find the Restaurant: Alden & Harlow

The Jackalope

"In Texas, they take their beef super seriously, so you know that the jackalope burger is going to have that high-quality, super-tasty beef," Alex Guarnaschelli says of the meat at The Jackalope in Austin. Time and time again, she reaches for the juicy seasoned patty topped with pimento cheese studded with chipotle peppers and crispy chopped bacon.

Find the Restaurant: The Jackalope

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