The Best Before-and-After Reveals from Restaurant: Impossible

Revisit some of the most-drastic transformations ever featured on Food Network's Restaurant: Impossible, and hear from Robert Irvine as well as business owners for their takes on the before-and-after states of the eateries.

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Poco's on the Boulevard Before

"My first impression of walking into this restaurant is blah," Robert said when he saw Poco's. "Boring chairs and tables, a carpet that does not go, barstools that are all ripped up."

Poco's on the Boulevard After

A fresh coat of lime-green paint, vinyl flooring and a picture of their late mother brought the owners to tears when Robert revealed the transformed dining room. Read an exclusive update to find out how Poco's is doing today.

Rohrer's Tavern Before

Robert described Rohrer's as smelly, outdated and somewhat dilapidated, considering the restaurant's foul odor in both dining spaces, the wall-to-wall wood coverings and the bar with noticed cracks in it.

Rohrer's Tavern After

Robert's revamped design at Rohrer's included an opened-up bar, a hidden service station and fresh coats of paint. "I'm feeling proud of the place. I like it. I want everybody to come in and see it," owner Lisa told Robert after the reveal. Read an exclusive update to find out how Rohrer's is doing today.

Whiskey Creek Steakhouse Before

Before his team could transform the space at Whiskey Creek, Robert said the restaurant looked "like it's been left behind in a time warp," on account of the "dark and miserable" interior design.

Whiskey Creek Steakhouse After

"I'm overwhelmed with joy," owner Karan said with tears in her eyes after seeing the new dining room. Robert's design team replaced previously uncomfortable chairs with cushioned seating, created a window to let in more light and refinished the bar. Read an exclusive update to find out how Whiskey Creek is doing today.

Nanny Goat's Cafe & Feed Bin Before

With wild designs and eclectic paraphernalia, the interior at Nanny Goat's was anything but ordinary. "Is it a garage sale? Is it a restaurant?" Robert wondered after walking into the eatery to find an array of tchotchkes.

Nanny Goat's Cafe & Feed Bin After

The Restaurant: Impossible team repurposed a series of colorful doors from the dining room as communal tables, and for added visual effect, they suspended from the ceiling with sturdy ropes. Read an exclusive update to find out how Nanny Goat's is doing today.

Dinner Bell Restaurant Before

The scene at Dinner Bell was "very, very bland," according to Robert, who wasn't impressed with the plastic-covered tables and chairs in the expansive dining space.

Dinner Bell Restaurant After

Robert added warmth and comfort to Dinner Bell by painting the walls both cream and navy, and by adding bench-style group tables. Read an exclusive update to find out how Dinner Bell is doing today.

Caseyville Cafe Before

On top of the stench coming from the carpet, Caseyville Cafe also struggled with an uninteresting bar and a layout that Robert deemed "dysfunctional."

Caseyville Cafe After

Brand-new flooring, intriguing, colorful walls and a made-over bar helped give Caseyville a bright, fresh appearance. "This is a new beginning," owner Robin Gordon told Robert. Read an exclusive update to find out how Caseyville is doing today.

Maniaci's Italian Bistro Before

"A bit of a pigsty" is how Robert described the dusty, dirty interior at Maniaci's. He worked with his designer to update "the misfit restaurant," because the Broadway, Italian and cafe themes offered little to the space.

Maniaci's Italian Bistro After

After the renovation, Maniaci's boasted a more open concept and rustic, inviting touches like barn doors and wood accents. Read an exclusive update to find out how Maniaci's is doing today.

Old World Italian Before

"Old, old, old, old" were the first words Robert said upon walking into Old World Italian Restaurant. Customers were put off by the "tacky" window coverings and oddly placed children's portraits.

Old World Italian After

At the reveal, Robert told the Hayek family, "We've given you a very classic Italian restaurant," which now features mirrored walls, a fresh coat of welcoming blue paint and family pictures. Read an exclusive update to find out how Old World Italian is doing today.

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