Robert Irvine's Most-Impressive Restaurant: Impossible Renovations

Look back at some of Robert's toughest yet most impressive missions.

Restaurant: Incredible

Emotions ran high as the finished product was revealed to Liz, the owner of The Incredible Cafe. The joyous and tearful reactions even pulled at Robert’s heartstrings just a little.

De Rican Chef Before...

Robert felt that the De Rican Chef restaurant “should mirror the culture of the food its serving." The owner, though, had lost her passion when she lost her youngest daughter, Patricia.

De Rican Chef After...

When Robert was through with his mission, the new De Rican Chef was full of life and color that Robert and his team felt spoke to Puerto Rico’s atmosphere while also honoring Patricia’s memory.

Boyfriend Boot Camp

Robert put Jason, who's the head chef of Rosie’s Cafe and owner Kaitlyn’s boyfriend, through a culinary boot camp to ensure that he was hired for the right reasons. He passed the test and remains in charge of the kitchen.

For Rosie

Kaitlyn was in shock when Robert revealed her revamped restaurant featured a full-size mural of her late grandmother, Rosie, who was the inspiration for Rosie's Cafe.

Deep Roots

Robert brought his A team to Copper Steer Steakhouse, making sure they took extra precaution to preserve the original craftsmanship of the restaurant that the owner and his father built from the ground up.

Roll with the Punches

At Filomena's, Robert and the owner, Linda, got into an intense screaming match. They managed to settle their differences eventually, but he still took her to a boxing gym to blow off some steam.

Worth the Wait

When Linda was finally able to put her faith in Robert, she was completely blown away by the results of the new Filomena's, even though they finished three hours past the scheduled open.

Out with the Old...

When Robert arrived, the owner of BFE Bar & Grill had no passion and faced hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. But after just two days of work, he turned it into something new. Literally.

In with the New

Robert gave the restaurant a new name (Pointers Grill) and a new logo, but he kept the stone feature wall.