Top 20 Most-Memorable Restaurant: Impossible Missions

Browse Robert's most-unforgettable Restaurant: Impossible renovations, then click through to hear from the businesses' owners.

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Hurley's American Grille

In an unprecedented move, Robert relaunched a restaurant under a new name. What was once Edibles Restaurant & Pub in Horsham, Pa., became Hurley's American Grille, and the owner's nephew Steve said that many were taking to the change after filming.

Estrada's Restaurant

It was the dreaded trifecta of problems at Estrada's: poor food, drab decor and indifferent management. Robert was tasked with reinvigorating all three before the Mexican eatery could reopen in just 48 hours.

The Windsor 75

When Robert admits, "This might be a lost cause," you know the situation is dire. Despite the obstacles working with the disconnected Carlos family, however, he managed to complete the mission on time in true Irvine fashion.

Kalico Kitchen

The tension between owner Catherine Wilt and her employees was almost palpable, especially as she watched a video they created for her, reenacting some of the most-hurtful language she'd spewed at them in the past.

Soup to Nuts Diner

After owner Sharon accused Robert and his Restaurant: Impossible team of planting bugs on the table for the sake of television, the host became visibly angry, telling her: "I never do anything outside of what I'm supposed to do, and that's help people. Don't go there."

Wagon Wheel Family Restaurant

Restaurant: Impossible has seen its share of disappointing menu items, but one dish at Wagon Wheel Family Restaurant was particularly peculiar: muskrat. “It is what we are known for and it is only seasonal," owner Jessica explained.

Smitty's Restaurant

“I have never come across a restaurant this bad in my whole career,” Robert told owners Gus and Evi. Nothing could have prepared Robert for the inundation of insects he uncovered in the kitchen at Smitty's when he was inspecting the space.

Boys & Girls Club of Southwest Missouri

With the help of his chef friends and a generous donation from the Lexus Culinary Masters, Robert had three days and a $30,000 budget to rebuild a local Boys & Girls Club in tornado-ravaged Joplin, Mo. Not only did he overhaul the space and create a warm, welcoming environment for the children, but he also served a celebratory meal for 1,000 deserving members of the community just in time for the holidays.

Nanny Goat's Cafe & Feed Bin

There almost wasn't a day two at Nanny Goat's Cafe & Feed Bin after owner Nancy stormed out and vowed to end the experience for good.

Caseyville Cafe

“I think Robert has finally made my mother realize that she needs to take the cafe more seriously or else it will close,” owner Robin said after Caseyville Cafe's Restaurant: Impossible experience.

Dinner Bell Restaurant

Although owner Tommy was tempted to physically confront Robert after hearing what he had to say about his Dinner Bell Restaurant, he ultimately showed restraint after Robert warmed him that it would "be the biggest mistake of your life."

Horton's Kids

On a three-part mission from First Lady Michelle Obama, Robert overhauled the space at Horton's Kids, a D.C.-area community center. He worked with Farmer Lee Jones to establish a garden that the kids could later help grow and harvest.

Coach Lamp Restaurant & Pub

After seeing Coach Lamp Restaurant & Pub, Robert admitted, “The place is clean, a little dark but nothing [like] what I’m used to. So I’m confused why I’m here." He soon realized that many of the business's problems were because of its prices, which were far too steep for the eatery's clientele.

Mama Campisi's Restaurant

"My job here is intense, to say the least," Robert admitted after assessing Mama Campisi's. Owner Andrea Ervin had become overwhelmed with her situation at the restaurant and needed Robert's help to reaffirm her trust in it.

Mom & Dad's Italian Restaurant

Updates — or the lack thereof — were a key point of contention at Mom and Dad's Italian Restaurant, after owner Carolyn told Robert that she was "not very good with change."

Maniaci's Italian Bistro

It was the ultimate family affair at Maniaci's when brothers Geoff, John and Tim struggled to run the family business after their mother's passing.

Ducky's Family Restaurant

Facing more than a quarter-million dollars of debt, Ducky's Family Restaurant was seemingly desperate for Robert's help. Once he assessed the eatery, Robert realized that canned food was a major factor in the business's demise, while designer Taniya admitted that the space's interior was "a cafeteria nightmare."

Heather's Country Kitchen

Robert was shocked to realize how little owner Heather understood about the business she was running, so it was up to him to teach her the basics of restaurant management in only 48 hours.

Mike La Susa's Italian Restaurant

Not only did Robert have to contend with the menu and the physical renovations of the interior at Mike La Susa's, but he also had to improve the interpersonal dynamics among owners Patrick and Mary, and their son, Mike. The group could hardly communicate when Robert arrived, and it was up to him to ease the strain in the family.

Goombazz Big City Eatzz

Owner Sally was known for his out-of-control temper, so Robert had to teach him to rein in his outbursts if his business was to have any chance at future success.

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