Worst Cooks in America, Season 2: Chef Robert's Team

Meet the cooks on Robert Irvine's Blue Team. Who will be crowned Best of the Worst on Worst Cooks in America, Season 2?

Chef Robert's Team

Will one of Chef Robert's recruits be crowned Best of the Worst?

Team Leader: Chef Robert Irvine

He tackles countless Dinner Impossible challenges, but how will Robert fare in transforming a bunch of hopeless cooks?

Anna Altomari (Aliso Viejo, California)

As a registered nurse and patient case manager, Anna, 45, is so focused on taking care of others that she still lives at home with her strict Italian mother. Anna hopes that learning to cook will help her find that special someone so she can pass on her mother's recipes for generations to come.

Eric Ricupero (Quincy, Massachusetts)

As a bar owner, Eric, 34, knows a lot about the hospitality business — just not the kitchen. He thinks that if he can learn to cook he will be able to serve food at his bar, run a kitchen with confidence and help save his failing business.

Georgann Coleman (Chicago)

Married with a 2-year-old daughter, Georgann, 38, a speech pathologist, desperately wants to learn how to prepare nutritious meals for her family. Her inability to do anything in the kitchen has become a major bone of contention in her relationship, and she wants to lay it to rest.

Jeff Longcor (Somerville, Massachusetts)

As an environmental contractor, Jeff, 25, has mastered the outdoor realm but remains completely clueless in the kitchen. Tired of being ridiculed by his friends, Jeff wants to learn how to cook and maybe even impress a girl in the process.

Kat Rose (Newnan, Georgia)

Kat, 37, resorts to serving peanut butter and jelly whenever her husband doesn't cook for her. This stay-at-home mom wants to learn how to cook so she can put quality meals on the table for her family.

Kelly Gray (New York, New York)

As an aerobics instructor, Kelly, 32, knows how to get up in front of a class and take control, but she has no confidence in the kitchen. As a vegetarian, she would like to become more self-sufficient so she can stop living off pre-packaged food.

Matt Crespi (Philadelphia)

Having left his job to pursue a doctoral degree, Matt, 25, will no longer be able to afford takeout and eating out for every meal. It's finally time for this foodie to funnel his passion and learn how to cook basic, healthy meals.

Ty Miller (Trenton, New Jersey)

Property manager Ty, 33, can only prepare one meal for his children: frozen chicken fingers and French fries. He thinks he will be a better husband and father if he learns some culinary skills that he can bring home to his family.