Worst Cooks in America Season 2: Chef Anne's Team

Meet the cooks on Anne Burrell's Red Team. Who will be crowned Best of the Worst on Worst Cooks in America, Season 2?

Chef Anne's Team

Will one of Chef Anne's recruits be crowned Best of the Worst?

Team Leader: Chef Anne Burrell

Anne Burrell knows how to run a restaurant kitchen, but how will she fare with a team of eight hopeless cooks?

Anthony Scinto (Crestwood, Illinois)

Although Anthony, 32, has a successful mechanical engineering career and his own home, he still eats at his mother's house almost every night of the week. Anthony hopes to improve his cooking skills and join the grownups in the kitchen.

Carlos Manuel (Atlanta)

A true mama's boy, Carlos, 28, never learned to cook because his mother prepared all his meals. Now an assistant bank manager, Carlos believes cooking will help his family see that he is no longer the baby but rather a self-sufficient adult.

Erika Rumsey (Elgin, Illinois)

Erika, 27, an account manager, ignites fear in all those around her upon entering the kitchen. She has high hopes of giving her boyfriend a rest from all the cooking and impressing him with delicious home-cooked meals.

Jennifer MacLean (Sparta, New Jersey)

An operating room nurse and mother of two, Jen, 43, has taken on a lot in her life, but the kitchen just hasn't been conquered. She wants to give her husband a break and learn how to make nutritional meals for their family.

Joshie Berger (Brooklyn, New York)

Growing up in an Orthodox Hasidic household, Joshie, 36, only ate a limited range of Kosher and traditional foods. Now this lawyer has expanded his food options and wants to cook great meals for his girlfriend.

Kelsey Milos (Rockford, Illinois)

This hairdresser may be talented with scissors, but she is a hazard to herself and others when cooking. Kelsey, 23, has not only poisoned her husband with raw meat, but she also blew up a gas grill. For her husband's sanity and her own safety, Kelsey needs to learn how to cook.

Lina Yu (Arcadia, California)

A production manager, Lina, 28, and her new husband just bought a house with a beautiful kitchen, but Lina has no idea how to put it to use. She hopes to learn how to cook for a family with style and grace.

Priscilla Harden (Sugar Land, Texas)

Priscilla, 60, has been pampered by her husband who has taken over all kitchen duties for the last 31 years. Now the tables have turned on this retired teacher, as she becomes the student and learns to cook.