Worst Cooks in America, Season 2: Behind the Scenes of Episode 4

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Season 2 of Food Network's Worst Cooks in America.

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It's Burger Time

After three weeks of replicating the chefs' recipes, it's time for the recruits to get creative. They'll put their own spin on grilled burgers, which Chefs Anne and Robert will judge in a blind tasting.

Chef Robert's Burger

"Think of the burger as a blank canvas," instructs Chef Robert. He sets the bar high by preparing a cheese-and-onion stuffed burger with grilled tomato chutney for the recruits to taste.

Chef Anne's Burger

"We need to be able to see which of you have the creativity to represent us in the final challenge," says Chef Anne. Her own Big Fat Burger is made with Gruyere cheese, ham, pickled onions, arugula and garlic mayo.

Advantage Unknown

The chefs announce that the winning team will receive an advantage, which gets everyone motivated. "I realize there's something huge at stake, and I really want to win," says Kelly.

Competition Heats Up

"Everyone here has a decent shot of winning it all," says Joshie. "It's getting intense."

In It to Win It

"I really want to win this challenge for Chef Robert, because Chef Anne won the last challenge and she rubbed it all in our faces," says Anna. She's working on a California-inspired burger with avocado.

Pineapple Problems

Carlos explains that pineapple is his favorite fruit, so he tops his burger with it. Unfortunately for him, Chef Anne is no fan of canned pineapple.

Middling Burger

Kelly's frustrated that she never manages to end up on top: "My burger's not awesome, but it wasn't raw. I'm in the middle of the pack."

Team Swap

Since Georg won the burger challenge for Chef Robert's team, he gets to trade a recruit and pick one from the Red Team. He decides to trade Kat, the loser of the burger challenge, for Kelsey.

Elegant Dinner

Chef Robert's team, complete with its newest member, Kelsey, will replicate his seared duck breast with apple-pomegranate sauce for the main dish challenge.

A New Challenge

Chef Anne is not sure whether she'll be able to get her newest recruit, Kat, up to speed. "This is an opportunity to prove what I can do as a teacher," she says.

Dinner for Two

For the main dish challenge, Chef Anne's team will prepare her seared rack of lamb with pistachio tapenade. An added twist: All of the recruits have to make two plates, one for the chef and one for themselves.


Being kicked off the Blue Team gets Kat fired up: "I'm not giving up. The dukes are out now."

Time Management

"After winning the burger challenge, I feel confident. Then I look up at the clock. The duck has to go in. I'm praying I can do it," says Georg.

Taking the Lead

Kelly's duck is Chef Robert's favorite of the day, so she gets the win. "I haven't won anything since, like, 1995, so I'm happy," she says.

Happy Cook

"I'm going to make sure that I'm having a great time. If you have fun, it will reflect on your plate," says Carlos. In this challenge, his theory works: He takes the win for Chef Anne's team.