Worst Cooks in America, Season 2: Behind the Scenes of Episode 5

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Season 2 of Food Network's Worst Cooks in America.

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Week Five: It's Game Time

Anne and Robert introduce a special guest for this week's main dish challenge: defensive tackle Kris Jenkins of the New York Jets.

Blank Canvas

The chefs demonstrate a basic potato pancake recipe, but the recruits must come up with their own creative game-day toppings. Chef Anne's tasty example is marinated lamb with tzatziki.

Get the Recipe: Marinated Lamb Shoulder Chops with Tzatziki, Arugula, and Feta

No Copycats

Chef Robert demos a potato pancake with avocado, bacon and cheddar fondue. All of the recruits, and Kris Jenkins, love both of the chefs' bites. "You are not allowed to copy ours," warns Chef Anne.

Get the Recipe: Avocado-Bacon Relish and Cheddar Fondue

Food and Football

"I'm a good cook!" says Kris Jenkins, a true food enthusiast. Today he and his wife will be hosting 30 friends for a game-day party, and the cooking recruits will be preparing all the food.

Fear of Shrimp

In addition to 35 potato pancakes, each recruit must prepare another hors d'oeuvre for the party. Joshie freaks out when he is assigned shrimp balls: "Shrimp is like a cockroach on steroids," he says.

Shrimp Success

Joshie faces his fear and even tastes the shrimp balls with spicy soy sauce. "Joshie 1, shrimp 0," he proclaims.

Get the Recipe: Shrimp Balls with Water Chestnuts and Spicy Soy Dipping Sauce


Kelly is excited about the challenge right out of the gate: "I'm totally a creative person and I can put my own little Kelly spin on this."

Fritter Fail

Time management is a big problem for Kelly. She spends too long on her pancakes, so her black bean fritters end up undercooked and mushy.

Get the Recipe: Black Bean Taco Fritters with Spicy Mayo

Channeling Creativity

Kat is hoping for redemption: "Last time we had to do creativity, I ended up putting a pineapple sun on a stick, which didn't turn out very good for me. I really, really have to win this."

Close Call

While making her second hors d'oeuvre, Kat nearly gives up. But after a no-nonsense pep talk from Chef Anne, she perseveres and gets her chorizo-and-manchego filling done.

Get the Recipe: Chorizo and Manchego Puffs

Pancakes on the Plate

In addition to the chorizo-manchego puffs, Kat serves her "kick butt" potato pancakes with cheddar and prosciutto.

"Pancake Hell"

Jen is assigned corn cakes in addition to the potato pancakes, so she is busy at the pancake griddle. "I'm in pancake hell. Even my son, who's nine, can make pancakes. It's embarrassing," she says.

Avocado Problems

Jen didn't add enough lime juice to her avocados, so unlike Chef Anne's pretty green example, her topping ends up looking sad and brown.

Get the Recipe: Mini Corn Cakes with Avocado and Tomatoes

Loving the Challenge

"This challenge was made for me. I'm a football fan; this is a football-fan challenge. I'm gonna win," says Ty.

Mixed Reviews

Fortunately for Ty, the football players like his hors d'oeuvres, like this chicken meatball. Chefs Anne and Robert weren't as impressed.

Get the Recipe: Blue Cheese Chicken Meatballs

Feeling Confident

"I love sports; I love parties; I love winning. Those are three good reasons for me to win this challenge," says Joshie.

Winning Bites

Georg takes the Blue Team win with this cheeseburger roulade and tasty potato pancakes. Carlos is victorious on the Red Team.

Get the Recipe: Cheeseburger Roulades

No Quitters

Kat's food ends up tasting pretty good, but Chef Anne is still nervous about her newest recruit: "Giving up is never an option. I don't know if I’m going to be able to get past that with Kat."

Crab Cake Save

Kelsey's first batch of crab cakes burns terribly, but she realizes the need to start again and saves the dish.

Get the Recipe: Crab Cakes with Grilled Corn Relish

Party Fun

Free for a moment from tasting and judging, chefs Anne and Robert mingle with the guests, including a few of Kris Jenkins' fellow Jets teammates.

Contemplating the Cut

Kris Jenkins shares his opinions on the food served at the party. In the end, Jen and Kelly had the worst hors d'oeuvres and turned in their aprons this week.