Worst Cooks in America, Season 2: Behind the Scenes of Episode 3

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Season 2 of Food Network's Worst Cooks in America.

Refining the Palate

The remaining 12 recruits face a tough Skill Drill: Taste three classic sauces and replicate them exactly. "Your palate is like a muscle that you need to train," says Chef Anne.


Kelsey and Erica have no idea which ingredients to include. "Clearly you all need some personal training for your palate," says Chef Robert.

Guessing Game

Anna gets to work on the fresh vegetables for Salsa Cruda, a fresh salsa that includes tomato, cucumber and onion.

Refining Skills

Carlos prepares the onion for his team's Salsa Cruda. His knife skills have vastly improved since he arrived at boot camp.

What's in Salsa Cruda?

In a blind tasting, the chefs give Anne's Red Team the win for their Salsa Cruda: "The knife cuts were beautiful," admits Chef Robert.

Mystery Ingredient

The Blue Team scored a win for their attempt at Romesco sauce. But who knew that bread was among the ingredients? Neither team included it.

Applying the Sauces

Anne demos a halibut dish served with the Salsa Cruda the recruits just attempted to make. Now, they must take a crack at the entire dish.

Get the Recipe: Seared Halibut with Sauteed Swiss Chard and Salsa Cruda


Chef Robert's refined take on shrimp and grits is topped with the Romesco sauce that his team replicated quite well.

Get the Recipe: Pan-Seared Shrimp with Romesco Sauce, Creamy Grits, and Greens

Main Dish Challenge

After the two-part Skill Drill, it's time for yet another challenge. The chefs demo their fresh spins on frozen dinners: "I'm a frozen dinner king," says Ty. "If the challenge is putting a TV dinner in the microwave, I already won!"

Robert's "Frozen" Dinner

Robert transforms a depressing frozen turkey dinner into Roasted Herbed Turkey with Creamed Peas, Cranberry Relish and Crispy Potatoes.

Get the Recipe: Herbed Turkey Breast in Gravy with Creamed English Peas and Cranberry Compote

Frozen to Fabulous

Chef Anne re-imagines a sad-looking Salisbury steak frozen dinner into a mouthwatering rib eye. "Which of these plates would you rather serve to your family?" she asks the recruits.

Anne's "Frozen" Dinner

The Red Team will attempt to replicate Anne's Rib Eye Steak with Glazed Carrots and Roasted Potatoes.

Get the Recipe: Dry Rubbed Rib Eye with Mushroom Sauce

Steak Secrets

Jen is eager to learn to cook steak for her husband, and Anne shares a crucial tip: "You want a hot pan. If you put a steak in a cold pan, you'll steam it."

New Day, New Challenge

"I had a rough couple of challenges. I'm just trying to stay positive and stay focused. This week, it's my time," says Ty.

Learning New Skills

Some recruits have problems with undercooked turkey, but Kelly knows better: "If you eat turkey that's not done, that's cooties," she says.


The multiple components of Chef Robert's dish have Kat flustered: "My brain only works well with one thing at a time. Something's going wrong in my turkey pan and I'm freaking out."


Georg cooks her turkey well, but it lacks seasoning, and her peas are problematic. "The peas are a little hard. Turkey, a little bit more salt. This is a flavor challenge," says Chef Robert.

Carrot Champion

Joshie takes great care with his glazed carrots: "My carrots are my babies. They're chilling out in the spa down there," he says. His efforts pay off when Anne announces that he's the Red Team winner.

Teacher's Pet

"I really want to make Chef Robert proud of me," says Anna. She beams when he names her the Blue Team winner.

Next to Go

Priscilla overdoes the spice rub on her steak and has Chef Anne gulping water. She leaves with her head held high: "I am very grateful to Chef Anne. I now have the ability to give back to my husband."

Blue Team Blues

Seriously overcooked turkey and uneven potatoes send Matt packing. "I see a stressed guy who loves food but can't get his Zen in the kitchen," says Chef Robert.