Worst Cooks in America, Season 2: Behind the Scenes of the Finale

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Season 2 of Food Network's Worst Cooks in America.

Boot Camp's Final Exam

Joshie and Georg stuck it out until the end. "Tomorrow night, one of you will be $25,000 richer," says Chef Anne. "Our reputations as chefs and teachers are on the line." No pressure or anything.

Side Bet

Chefs Robert and Anne decide to sweeten the deal a bit and agree that the losing chef will have to undergo a "make-under": Anne will lose her spiky hairstyle, and Robert will go blonde.

A Look Back

Joshie has come a long way from his Baseline Skill Drill dish on day one of Boot Camp. This was such a train wreck that it led Chef Robert to pick Joshie first for Chef Anne's team.

Game On

Chef Anne has an ambitious menu planned for Joshie to cook for the food critics. She's cautiously optimistic that he can pull it off. "Joshie has grown up a little. I hope he stays that way," she says.

Starting Point

Georg's Baseline Skill Drill dish from day one was just as disastrous as Joshie's. Both have made huge strides, but it all comes down to this final challenge.

On Her Own

During their practice session, Chef Robert shows Georg the precise knife cuts needed for her dishes. "I'm not here tomorrow to help you," warns Chef Robert. "You're going to do it for food critics."

Finding Focus

Joshie works on a grilled vegetable panzanella that will be part of his first course. "I haven't ever seen you this focused. I love it," says Chef Anne.

Finishing Touch

Chef Anne shows Joshie how his final beauty plates should look.

Joshie: Appetizer

For the first course of the final challenge, Joshie will execute and serve the food critics Chef Anne's recipe for stuffed zucchini blossoms over panzanella salad.

Get the Recipe: Fried Zucchini Blossoms with Grilled Vegetable Panzanella and Baby Arugula Salad


Georg, who showed up at Boot Camp afraid to use a knife, has become a knife skills whiz. "I chose this soup for Georg because I really wanted to show off her knife cuts," says Chef Robert.

Georg: Appetizer

To start her meal, Georg will prepare Chef Robert's recipe for roasted corn chowder, full of precisely cut vegetables.

Get the Recipe: Roasted Corn Chowder with Lobster

Chef Is Confident

For the next course, Robert tells Georg she'll be making lamb. "I know you have issues with cooking meat," he says. "That's why I chose this. I have every confidence that you can do this."

Georg: Main Course

Chef Robert's main course recipe for Georg involves lots of techniques: roasted rack of lamb, julienned vegetables and a goat cheese potato cake.

Get the Recipe: Roasted Rack of Lamb with Rosemary-Pomegranate Sauce and Goat Cheese Potato Cake

Cautiously Confident

"What stands between me and $25,000 is my own lack of confidence. And nothing but that," says Georg. Clearly, she's not too intimidated by Joshie.

Set for Success

Chef Anne makes sausage a component of Joshie's entree, since he did well in the sausage challenge. "I'm really excited. Everything there, I've either done or know how to do," says Joshie.

Joshie: Main Course

Joshie will make Chef Anne's recipes on his own tomorrow: brined pork chops, fennel sausage and Swiss chard with bacon.

Get the Recipe: Pork Three Ways: Brined Pork Chops, Fennel-Fontina Sausage, and Swiss Chard with Bacon and Fennel over Polenta Cakes

Meet the Critics

Restaurant owners Marc Murphy, Donatella Arpaia and Drew Nieporent serve on the final judging panel. "To stand in front of these judges who give Iron Chefs feedback, it just blows me away," says Georg.

Meal X and Meal Y

The critics don't know who prepared each meal; each dish is simply labeled "X" (Georg's meal) or "Y" (Joshie's).

Joshie: Dessert

With the first two courses neck and neck, it all comes down to dessert. Joshie serves a homey blueberry-nectarine crisp. "I love how cozy and warm it is," says Donatella. "It's deeelicious," adds Drew.

Get the Recipe: Blueberry-Nectarine Crisp

Georg: Dessert

Georg serves tempura-fried bananas with honey and chocolate. She fried them just a little too early: "The flavors are good," says Donatella. "The actual frying, not as good."

Get the Recipe: Fried Bananas with Lavender Honey and Five-Spice Chocolate

Kitchen Zero to Kitchen Hero

In the end, Joshie and Chef Anne take the win. "This is one of my biggest success cases ever," says Anne. "And even better, I get to see Robert as a blonde!"

No Sore Losers

True to his word, after Joshie's win, Chef Robert visits a hair salon for his "make-under."

Chef Robert's New Do

The dueling chefs of Worst Cooks in America now have matching platinum blonde hair.