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Worst Cooks in America, Season 2: Behind the Scenes of Episode 2

Meet the recruits and get a behind-the-scenes look at the Season 2 of Worst Cooks in America.
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Welcome to Farmageddon

The recruits take a field trip from NYC to Abma's Farm, where they'll meet their next Skill Drill.

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Follow Directions

The recruits are challenged to make a perfect rolled omelet after watching their chefs closely. "It seems easy, but there are a lot of potential pitfalls," says Chef Anne.

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Replicate This

Chef Anne's onion and zucchini omelet is perfectly rolled and served with a salad of fresh produce from the farm.
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Watch (Closely!) and Learn

Chef Robert's team takes diligent notes as he demos the perfect omelet. He explains that it should be "a little golden in color, but not burnt in any way. There's nothing worse than a brown omelet."

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