8 Flag-Shaped Foods Fit for Any All-American Celebration

Add a festive touch to any holiday spread with these delicious eats that look just like Old Glory.

June 15, 2022

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Photo By: Matt Armendariz

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Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Celebrate with Stars and Stripes

Whether you’re hosting a Memorial Day cookout, an all-out Fourth of July bash or an end-of-summer get-together for Labor Day, a patriotic bite is always a welcome addition to the menu. With these recipes you can choose from savory options like deviled eggs and caprese salad — or sweet treats like berry-topped flag cakes. Either way, you’re guaranteed lots of red, white and blue for your celebration. One of our favorite recipes? This ice cream cake. It's easier than it looks, thanks to a press-in-the-pan crust made from shortbread cookie crumbs. Then it's just a matter of layering on jam and a no-churn homemade ice cream. Parchment paper templates make fast work of creating the stripes.

Get the Recipe: American Flag Ice Cream Cake

Flag Cake

You don’t have to be an expert baker to recreate this show-stopping dessert; fresh berries make it easy to transform a sprinkle-studded cornmeal cake into a festive American flag.

Get the Recipe: Flag Cake

American Flag Caprese Salad

Pay tribute to the Red, White and Blue with this super easy (and oh-so-mozzarella-cheesy) take on classic caprese salad. Just decorate a parchment-lined cutting board with purple potatoes, grape tomatoes and bocconcini.

Get the Recipe: American Flag Caprese Salad

Ice Cream Flag Cake

This cool, creamy dessert makes the perfect grand finale for your cookout. Prepare for a round of "oohs" and "aahs" as you slice into it — each piece is a miniature, cake-and-ice-cream American flag!

Get the Recipe: Ice Cream Flag Cake

Flag Cake

Ina’s 5-star cake is sure to be a hit at your next cookout. It’s topped with seasonal berries and a simple, homemade cream cheese frosting for a delicious finish and a festive touch.

Get the Recipe: Flag Cake

Deviled Egg American Flag

No backyard barbecue is complete without a batch of crowd-pleasing deviled eggs. Give yours a patriotic twist: pipe egg yolk filling onto a rectangle of baked egg whites to create stripes. Then, give the stripes their red color with a sprinkle of smoky paprika!

Get the Recipe: Deviled Egg American Flag

Waving Flag Cake

Celebrate the 4th of July with a crafty, no-bake cake that's big enough to feed a crowd. How? Cut 3 store-bought angel food cakes and arrange the pieces into the shape of an American flag waving in the wind. Complete the look with red, white and blue frosting!

Get the Recipe: Waving Flag Cake

Fruit-Tart Flag

No time to bake? No problem! Fill store-bought tart shells with creamy, sweetened mascarpone. Then, top with fresh blueberries and sliced strawberries for a fun, star-spangled treat.

Get the Recipe: Fruit-Tart Flag