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June 29, 2022

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If there’s one dessert that perfectly encapsulates all the magic of summertime, it’s ice cream cake. Eating a slice of the layered, frozen creations is one of our favorite ways to beat the heat. Plus depending on the cake’s size, it can last a bit longer in your freezer than a typical box of store-bought novelty cones or ice cream sandwiches. Though everyone has their favorite, not all ice cream cakes are the same. Some are loaded up with mix-ins like cookie and candy pieces and chocolate crunchies, while others are all about showcasing different flavors of ice cream. No matter which camp you fall into, we found delicious ice cream cakes you can buy online right now. Whether you buy one to enjoy all by yourself or you send it over to your cookout hosting-friends, these nine frozen desserts are the total summer treat!


According to the owners of Sugarhill Creamery, people travel all across New York City to get their hands on a scoop of the shop’s blueberry cheesecake-flavored ice cream. The luscious choice, which contains swirls of velvety cream cheese inside it, also makes up the filling of this creamy frozen dessert. Like traditional cheesecakes, this one-of-a-kind treat also features a crunchy graham cracker crust and is topped with a thick gelée made from, you guessed it, blueberries! If you're someone who loves to end all your summer cookouts with a refreshing fruit dessert, be sure to place an order now!

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If you're known for choosing unexpected or brightly hued flavors whenever you visit your local ice cream parlor, this bubblegum-inspired ice cream cake from Morgenstern's Finest has your name written all over it. Not only does it feature bubble gum-flavored whip cream on the outside and bubble gum-flavored ice cream on the inside, but hidden in between its buttery layers of vanilla sponge cake, you'll also find grape marshmallows! It should be noted that Morgenstern's ships their ice cream cakes out only once per week, so if you're planning on serving this at a backyard gathering or July or August birthday party, be sure to order in advance.

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Since everything is open to interpretation these days, we think it's totally acceptable to think of these ice cream-filled cake doughnuts as an ice cream cake. The funny treats — which are the brainchild of South Carolina's only chef-driven ice cream truck, Life Raft Treats — are a nice handheld alternative to traditional ice cream sandwiches. Each pack also comes with nine doughnut cakes total and features the following three flavors: classic glazed, strawberry glazed and chocolate glazed. The brand's ice cream "chicken drumsticks" are also quite the hoot!

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Everything's better when it's smaller, including ice cream cake! You'll find 12 mini ones inside this nostalgic set from Williams Sonoma, which contains two distinct flavors: Baked Alaska and Creme Brulée. Both versions come with a fluffy layer of genoise sponge cake at the bottom and a golden brown topping made from either torched meringue or crunchy caramelized sugar. The Baked Alaska flavor also contains two layers of classic vanilla and strawberry ice creams, while the Creme Brulée has a delicate crème anglaise one.

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At Brooklyn-based scoop shop Malai, ice cream is more than just a once-a-season treat, it's a catalyst for showing off globally-sourced ingredients in new and unexpected ways. The shop's artisan ice cream cakes are the perfect example of this; each one of the five available flavors mashes unique cake and ice cream varieties together, like the Founder’s Favorite, which combines chocolate cake with orange fennel and Turkish coffee ice creams, or the Classic, which features cardamom-flavored cake, rose and masala chai-flavored ice creams and a delectable crunch made from roasted corn.

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Ask any Chicago native and they’ll tell you ice cream isn’t meant to be eaten one flavor at a time. Not only is the city the birthplace of "the original rainbow cone," but the multi-flavored treat has been a summertime staple since 1926! This spongy chocolate roll cake roll version lets you partake in that yummy tradition, no matter where you are located! The eye-catching filling is made up of five layers of ice cream total, including chocolate, strawberry, pistachio almond, orange sherbet and Palmer House (or vanilla ice cream studded with chopped walnuts and cherries.)

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You probably grew up eating Carvel ice cream cakes like the one pictured above. We know we did! The triple-layered desserts are always a hit with kids and the chocolate crunchies found inside them are by far one of the best mix-ins ever created. This Lil' Love version can feed up to five people and features vanilla and chocolate ice creams on the inside and a creamy whipped icing pipped around it.

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Instagram's favorite sprinkle explosion cake gets a summer-worthy makeover thanks to Flour Shop's newest line of celebratory ice cream treats. Just like the OG, this multicolored dessert features a fun surprise at its center made up entirely of frozen funfetti-flavored ice cream. The bakery also offers a giant ice cream sandwich cake, if you prefer to eat the frozen dessert housed between two sugar cookies.

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Okay, okay, you caught us. Though this waffle cone pie from Milk Bar *technically* isn't an ice cream cake, it's still totally worth spending your money on this summer. If the pie's silky ice cream-flavored pudding filling and crispy waffle cone crust aren't enough to convince you to add it to your cart, maybe this will: the entire thing is housed underneath a thick, peanut-studded milk chocolate shell. Trust us, this one is heavy on the childhood nostalgia.

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