The Best Giant Foods You Can Buy Online Right Now

Giant burgers, cupcakes, doughnuts and more take supersized food to the next level.

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March 12, 2022

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When it comes to delicious food, there's really something to the "bigger is better" mentality. Why have one regular-sized doughnut or cupcake when you can have a jumbo one, fit for a crowd?! The same goes for pizza, meatballs, chocolate chip cookies and cake — the more we can get of them, the better. Thankfully the internet is crawling with giant foods you can enjoy whenever you want. Whether you decide to share them, send them as a gift or dig into them all by yourself, the following foods are sure to leave you fully satisfied in more ways than one!

If drive-through windows and red vinyl booths hold a special place in your heart, this soda fountain-inspired food kit from Clinton Station Diner is sure to make you smile. Dubbed "The Zeus" by the diner’s owner and staff, this appropriately named kit contains everything you need to make the junk food dish of your dreams, including a 7 pound patty made from a tasty combination of sirloin, ribeye and skirt steak meat, five pounds of American cheese, and one pound each of iceberg lettuce, white onions and red tomatoes. It also comes with a 7 pound sesame seed bun, which you can use to house the entire thing. With warmer weather just around the corner, this jaw-dropping find is definitely worth cleaning out space in your freezer for!

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Affectionately known as "the hubcap" by longtime fans, this coffee roll from Massachusetts-based bakery Kane's Doughnuts is as comforting as it is ginormous. The treat, which is approximately the same size as a large dinner plate, is studded with dreamy swirls of cinnamon-sugar filling on the inside and can be ordered with either a sticky honey-glaze or a creamy cinnamon frosting on the outside. The roll can also feed 8 people, in case you're looking for an impressive dessert to serve at your next dinner party.

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LAVO has quickly become known throughout NYC for their legendary meatballs. Weighing approximately 1 pound each, these fan-favorite mounds are made from a mouthwatering combo of Wagyu beef, veal and Italian sausage, and come nestled in a pool of luscious red ragu sauce to give you a dinner that's heavy on the comfort. The eatery also sells a mile high 20 layer chocolate peanut butter cake, if you really want to splurge on calories!

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Good fortune is sure to follow you wherever you go after cracking open this jumbo cookie from Simply Chocolate. The one-of-a-kind treat weighs a total of 9.7 ounces and features a festive coating of Belgian milk chocolate and rainbow sprinkles on the outside. Best part of all — you can even have a personalized message hidden inside it!

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No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you: this colossal bagel is just as big as 28 regular-sized bagels in one! That's enough to feed anywhere between 12 to 20 very hungry people. Available in both "plain" and "everything" varieties, the show-stopping creation is a must for your next family brunch or co-worker breakfast. NOTE: this listing is for the bagel only, though you can purchase one that’s loaded up with bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage and more, if you happen to be in New Jersey.

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If there's one thing we've often found ourselves wishing came available in a bigger size, it's the classic peanut butter cup candy. Etsy seller Fun Fair Treats gives those wishes new and yummy life with this enormous chocolate offering. The massive 2.5 pound treat is perfect for peanut butter lovers of all ages, and features a sweet-meets-salty peanut butter filling and a dreamy drizzle made from, you guessed it, melted peanut butter chips. The filling also contains traces of crushed up graham crackers, believe it or not!

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Pizza lovers won't be able to resist ripping into a cheesy, saucy slice of this jumbo pizza from Maruca’s Tomato Pies. The family-owned eatery, which has been a staple of the Jersey Shore boardwalk since 1950, is famous for their 24 inch creations, like this one. The pie features a mesmerizing swirl of homemade tomato sauce and comes divided into 8 generous pieces — in case you feel like sharing.

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Though it looks just like a medium-sized bowling ball, this gigantic cocoa-covered sphere is actually a ganache-filled, dark chocolate truffle. Despite its hefty price tag, the impressive 8 pound creation can feed up to 20 people, so you’ll definitely want to buy it, if chocolate is the one food everyone in your household goes crazy for.

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If cupcakes continue to be the one thing you always give to people, be it for their birthday, to say "thank you" or for any other reason, this giant one from Crave Cupcakes is a yummy way to change up your go-to gifting routine. Standing at just under 7 inches tall, the delicious red velvet-flavored treat is packed full of decadent cocoa cake and is covered with traditional cream cheese frosting. The bakery also offers an old-fashioned yellow cake version that's topped with festive rainbow-colored sprinkles, if you're looking for a more celebratory style.

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If you were always getting scolded for eating too much candy as a kid, something tells us you’ll love these colossal chocolate creations from 4am Candy Co. Perfectly giving life to the phrase, "sugar rush," these over-the-top treats weigh a total of 5 to 6 ounces each, feature a creamy peanut butter filling and are loaded up with an assortment of sweet toppings, like Nutter Butters, M&M’s, broken up Oreo cookies, Reese’s pieces and more.

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Sixteen inches across: that's how wide this ginormous chocolate chip cookie from T-Rex Cookie Company is! The gigantic creation also weighs 5 pounds total and features traditional Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips, caramel bits and coarse sea salt scattered throughout its inside and top. Another fun fact — the cookie can be saved in the freezer for up to 3 months, if you want to tackle eating it in shifts.

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Of all the foods included on this list, these massive biscuits might look like the simplest option, but we promise you, they're heavy on flavor. The internet-famous rounds from beloved Seattle spot Honest Biscuit are filled with a savory mixture of chopped bacon, Beecher’s semi-hard cheese and caramelized onions to give you a bite loaded with carb-by goodness. Though the biscuits ship already baked, we suggest heating them up for 5 minutes to fully appreciate them.

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This oversized cupcake from Dylan's Candy Bar makes a fun gift for any celebration. Nestled inside the fully edible sculpture is 8 ounces worth of milk chocolate and sprinkle covered pretzels — to get to them, just the included mallet to break the cupcake open. It's just like a classic pinata, but for your tabletop!

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If you have a friend or family member who's all about the meat come grilling season, they'll really appreciate getting this gigantic rack of ribs sent to their door. The immense offering from Mighty Quinn's BBQ is nearly 1 foot long and contains 2 or 3 ribs total. The restaurant swears it'll be the "most tender beef rib you will ever eat." With a smoking time of 18 hours, we're inclined to believe them!

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This sheet cake-sized rice krispie treat makes the ultimate kid-friendly after-school snack. Not only does it taste just like a sugar cookie, but it also contains an ample number of pastel sprinkles and quins scattered across the top of it. Order one now to surprise your little one during the week or save it for the last day of school to properly salute a job well done.

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