These Are the Best Grilling Accessories To Buy Online

Start barbecue season in style with these top grilling accessories.

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June 02, 2021
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Do you smell that? The whiff of charcoal dancing around your backyard? The burnt, flakey skin of your charred veggies? A line of extra-spicy mustard drizzled over a juicy hot dog? That’s right: Summer is here, which means it’s officially time to fire up the propane and kick off the barbecue season.

But, while a grill might be your most prized possession once summer rolls around, the grilling accessories you add to your arsenal can truly take your barbecue to the next level. To help, we’re breaking down the best grilling accessories to add to your meals al fresco. Whether you’re whipping up something tasty for the very first time or want to replenish your current setup, these grilling access will lay the groundwork for a sizzling summer.

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Grilling is all fun and games until your meat winds up being overcooked or too raw to eat. If you always want to have food that’s grilled to perfection, add Kizen’s digital thermometer to your cart. All you need to do is stick the probe in the center of your cut and it’ll take your meat’s temperature in three seconds. (Psst... the light-up, LCD screen will make your late-night grilling sessions a breeze.)

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Or, if you want to give your grilling routine an old-school edge, you’ll love Rubbermaid’s meat thermometer. Don’t let its manual construction fool you: This simple option can read temperatures from 0 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit in a snap. And, since this thermometer doesn’t have a battery, you won’t have to worry about it losing its juice mid-barbecue. Plus, you can toss it in the dishwasher, so it’ll be ready for your next recipe.

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Behind every delicious grilling session is a tong and spatula. OXO is known for making affordable kitchen accessories that won’t break the bank. So, if you’re looking to buy both in one fell swoop, this two-piece set has over 1,500 rave reviews and a near-perfect score on Amazon.

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Of course, it is possible you might need to replace just one part of your core kit. That’s where Chef Craft’s turner and spatula comes in. Made with a tough, stainless steel, this option can withstand those hot flames. And, since the material is extremely durable, you won’t have to worry about flimsy flipping.

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As for tongs? It doesn’t get better than Weber’s set? In case you didn’t get the memo, Weber is one of the best grill companies around — so it’s safe to say the brand makes pretty good accessories, too. The non-slip handle makes these tongs easy to hold, while the innovative ridged design ensures a firm, secure grip on your meat.

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Once you’ve created a perfectly charred — and downright delectable — dish, you’ll need to clean your grill. Sure, that doesn’t sound like an enjoyable time; however, this gizmo from GrillArt makes it easy. The three-in-one bristles are constructed to offer a thorough, 360-degree clean that’s five times faster than normal brushes. Plus, if you’re struggling with some super-stubborn food particles, the scraper will give your cleaning session an extra oomph.

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Want to whip up some delectably grilled vegetables? Made with a heavy duty stainless steel that’s both dishwasher-friendly and compatible with high temperatures, Grillaholics’s basket will make charring those pepper, onion, and zucchini slices a lot easier. And, thanks to its smaller perforations, your veggies will stay put and instead of plummeting down to the bottom of your grill.

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While a juicy slab of meat might sound lip-smackingly delicious, it can be a pain to clean afterwards. If you want to cut down on cleanup time without sacrificing your meal, Kona’s grill mats can’t be beat. These non-stick mats can be used up to 1,000 times and can withstand up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your grill looking shiny and new and your food just as delicious as ever by laying these mats over the grates.

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If you’re grilling lighter fish like shrimp and tilapia, you’ll want them to be equally charred on both sides. Problem is, flipping them with tongs or a spatula can be easier said than done. That’s what makes this grill basket alternative so great. Comprised of two grated slabs, this option with keep your fish secure and intact as you flip it from side to side.

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Is it just us, or does the mere thought of wood-smoked salmon send your mouth into full-on salvitation mode? That’s exactly why you need to add a cedar plank to your rotation. Available in a pack of 12, these planks are bound to last you all BBQ season long. Simply plop a plank onto your grates, add the meat on top, and get grilling!

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In the legendary words of Bruce Springsteen, you can’t start a fire without a spark. That’s where HomeRight’s Electro-Torch comes in! Perfect for wood-burning fireplaces and grills alike, this option can start a flame in a few minutes. And, since it only blows out hot air, you won’t have to worry about accidentally scarfing down harsh chemical.

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Or, if you want to start a fire the old-fashioned way, these sawdust and wax squares will deliver. There’s a reason this option has over 4,500 positive reviews and an "Amazon’s Choice" badge. Not only is this option non-toxic, but it’s also free of odors and flavors.

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If your charred dish has more than one component, pick up this professional-grade grill from Weber. Made with a durable stainless steel that can retain heat nicely, these pans are large enough to fit everything from tilapia to cherry tomatoes. (Adding that delicious combo to our mental recipe box.) And, thanks to the small slits, this pan will let juices seep out while keeping food in.

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Kabobs, anyone? MOCUMEI’s 14-inch skewers are designed to keep your veggie slices, meat chunks, and pineapple cubes organized. And, since they’re made out of metal, you can use them over again. Trust us: If you’re looking to add a photogenic edge to grilling season, this pick is well worth adding to your cart.

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Despite being a fun, summer pastime, grilling can be hazardous. (One false move and you might accidentally scorch your hand on an open flame.) Safety always comes first, which is why you should definitely add RAPICCA’s BBQ oven gloves to your cart.

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Have a hankering for a heaping plate of pulled pork? Your wish is granted, thanks to the Original Bear Paw Shredder Claws. Don’t let its quirky construction fool you: These claws are specially designed to give you perfectly shredded meat whenever a craving strikes. Not only can they withstand up to 475 degrees, but they’re also BPA-free and dishwasher-friendly.

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If you’ve already mastered the basics, you might want to kick things up a notch. Fortunately, Cuisinart’s burger press is here to help.This three-in-one gadget is designed to shape, press, and stuff your patties. Just think: You’re a few clicks away from cheese-stuffed burgers.

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