Grill Baskets Prove Your Grill Is Way More Versatile Than You Think

Here are the 10 types you definitely need this summer.

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April 14, 2021

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If you're tired of cooking indoors, it's time to switch things up! And, as it gets warmer out, the perfect change of dinner scenery is taking things to the grill. We've found you can grill just about anything from deviled eggs to fajitas with a grill basket. Similarly to a sheet pan in the oven, these grill baskets make it easy to give tons of small food items a smoky flavor from the grill without the risk of falling in between the grates thanks to the right basket. We've rounded up all the different types of grill baskets that will make crafting an entire meal on the grill easier than ever.

Kabobs aren't the only way to grill already-chopped vegetables — these mesh baskets are a catch-all for any small items that might otherwise end up at the bottom of your grill. They're easily flippable to achieve grill marks on both sides of your food, plus, they're dishwasher-safe for easy clean up.

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Quesadillas might not be the first thing you think to cook on the grill, but with this handy tool, they should be! The shape is designed perfectly for a single-tortilla quesadilla, and the tight grates will make sure none of your precious ingredients fall through. That means you can fill it up with chicken, cheese and veggies galore.

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Grilled meatballs are prepared in a snap with this grill basket fitted to cook 12 at a time. The company ensures high-quality nonstick coating and long handles for easy and safe turning. Meatball subs, here you come!

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If you prefer to have a little more space to mix up your chopped veggies or cubed meats, opt for a grill wok. This one has perforated sides, which help let the smoky heat flow through your food, giving it the taste you want from a grill.

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This grill basket fits four ears of corn at a time, so you can ensure they cook evenly and won't roll around on the grill. The handle on this grill basket features height adjustments, so the company claims it can fit corn or any length or width.

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Skip skewers entirely and individually grill kabobs in these baskets, instead. You can easily portion out ingredients and grill with little mess, since these baskets are nonstick. This kit also comes with two skewers, so you can grill kabobs the traditional way, too.

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If you want a grill basket that can handle it all, opt for one with a large surface. This grill basket can handle burgers, steaks, seafood, vegetables or any other food you want to evenly cook on the grill.

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Just like the burger basket, this hot dog grilling basket ensures even cooking of hot dogs and a quick cooking process since you can flip all at once. The grates hold six sausages, and the company claims the gaps in the grid will provide even heat distribution while still keeping the food in place.

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This grill basket is perfectly shaped to hold onto a fish filet, so you can evenly even the flakiest fish without fear of it falling through the grates when it comes time to flip. And, don't worry about being limited by the size of the basket, it has a height adjustment mechanism, so you can fit it to your filets.

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