Carvel's New Crunchies Cereal Is What Childhood Dreams (and Ice Cream Cakes) Are Made Of

But there’s a catch.

April 01, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Carvel

Photo courtesy of Carvel

Get ready to wax nostalgic, courtesy of Carvel’s latest creation. The ice cream brand announced today, April 1, that it is releasing its adored chocolate Crunchies as a limited-edition breakfast cereal for the first time ever.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of going to town on a Carvel ice cream cake (shoutout to Fudgie the Whale!), you’re already familiar with these delicious chocolate Crunchies — they are the same tasty morsels that you’ll find layered in any of the brand’s popular ice cream cakes, and they’re also available as an ice cream topping. Basically, Crunchies are a “special blend of decadent chocolate cookie pieces, coated with a rich chocolate bonnet shell.”

According to a press release from Carvel, Crunchies Cereal represents a new way to enjoy the classic treat that has been around for years. Carvel is also slated to release a slew of new limited-edition treats, like Crunchies To-Go, a Crunchies Shake and a Crunchies Dasher — vanilla soft ice cream with layers of Crunchies and bittersweet fudge topped with whipped cream and a chocolate medallion — that will let customers get their fill of Crunchies in new and exciting ways.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Carvel

Photo courtesy of Carvel

“Crunchies have been an important part of celebrations and special moments, big and small, for generations,” Nicolle DuBose, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Carvel, said in a statement. “More and more, fans are telling us they want to experience Crunchies in new ways – and we listened to them.”

She added: “With the introduction of Crunchies Cereal and our lineup of limited-time Crunchies-filled ice cream treats, we're kicking off ice cream season in a big way and providing fans new opportunities to create Crunchies-filled memories.”

And while Crunchies Cereal won’t exactly be available on supermarket shelves anytime soon (it is April Fool’s Day after all!) the breakfast food does exist and you still have a good shot at getting your hands on a box of chocolatey goodness.

From April 16 through April 18, Carvel will be giving the first 150 in-person and food delivery platform customers at each Carvel location a limited-edition box of the cereal with the purchase of a Crunchies Dasher. However, this offer is only available while supplies last, so if you simply must have your very own box of Crunchies Cereal, prepare accordingly.

What’s more? Crunchies fans can also follow Carvel at @CarvelIceCream on Twitter and on Instagram, or like Carvel's Facebook page, to find more opportunities on how to snag a box.

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