18 Things You Didn't Know About Robert Irvine

You’ve seen him tear down restaurant walls, tackle the mystery baskets on Chopped, but how much do you know about what goes on with Robert after the camera stops rolling?

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All About Robert

How does Robert stay in shape? What about his favorite meal? Read on to discover some little-known facts about Mr. Impossible. 

Signature Dish: Fish

"When I cook for my family we do a lot of fish," Robert says. "Salmon is also one of [my wife's] favorites." 

Get the Recipe: Salmon with Smoked Cashew Romesco

One Desert-Island Must-Have: Water

Favorite Childhood Dish: Cereal

"I grew up on two boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and a gallon of milk per day until my 15th birthday, when I joined the navy," Robert recalls. 

His Favorite Beers: Stella and Heineken

Favorite Music

"I like a lot of different music," Robert says. "I love Abbawhen I work out, Celine Dion and Pink. I also love Queen Latifah."

Ingredient He Hates to Cook With: Cinnamon

"You have to be careful with it," Robert warns. "It’s very powerful and masks the natural flavors in a dish."

Former Career: Member of the British Navy (for 10 Years!)

"I loved my military career," Robert reminisces. 

Favorite Condiment: Sriracha

"It adds a very nice amount of heat and makes meals more satisfying," Robert says. "It’s especially helpful if you’re trying to clean up your diet a bit."

Family Life: Robert Has One Brother and Two Sisters

Favorite Food City: New York

"I always try to experience something new when I’m in the city, but I have established a few favorites over the years," Robert says. "In New York, a visit to Morimoto’s never disappoints."

Age He Started Cooking: 11 Years Old

Weirdest Thing We'd Find in His Fridge: Grape seed Oil

"It’s great because it has Omega-3 fatty acids, a higher smoke point and no flavor, so it's the perfect all-purpose cooking oil," Robert says. "It also needs to be stored in a cool location, so I actually recommend keeping it in the refrigerator for best storage results."

How He Stays in Shape: Low Weights at High Reps

Guilty Pleasure: Dessert

"Virtually any and all desserts on this earth — save for those with cinnamon — would make my guilty-pleasure list," Robert says.  

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

Last Supper: Roasted Chicken and Mashed Potatoes

Most-Memorable Meal: His Wedding

"The food at my wedding was amazing," Robert remembers. "Chef Morimoto ran the sushi station. There was so much care that went into every dish. It was unreal!"

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How He Unwinds: He Heads to the Gym

Go-To Kitchen Tool: Blender

"I love the versatility of the blender," Robert says. "You can throw almost anything in there — fruits, vegetables, oils and even proteins. Consider using the blender to make a fresh, savory dressing or sauce to spruce up a vegetable plate or salad."

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