Robert Irvine to Face Toughest Missions Ever on Brand-New Episodes of Dinner: Impossible

Robert is bringing back Dinner: Impossible on Thursday, March 11 at 10|9c.

Chef Robert Irvine cooking for paranormal investigators at the Cerro Gordo Mines, as seen on Dinner: Impossible Season 9.

Photo by: COYNE


We all know that Robert Irvine isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. After all, he’s seen pretty much everything on Restaurant: Impossible — eateries with non-existent management, insect infestations and so. much. mold. — and yet he still shows up for work! But for the first time in a decade, he’s about to come face to face with all-new trials on the return of Dinner: Impossible.

Beginning Thursday, March 11 at 10|9c, Robert will kick off a new season of Dinner: Impossible, and with that, four weeks of expecting the unexpected. The pressure will be on as he’s tasked with creating star-studded meals (the kind he expects chefs on R:I to make) with extremely limited resources. In the most obscure locations. On a budget. And in a short amount of time. There’s no way for Robert and his team to prepare for these unprecedented challenges (helicopters, ghosts and Sin City — oh my!). But something tells us his years of bringing failing restaurants back from the brink has equipped him with everything he needs to prevail.

Before the premiere of Dinner: Impossible, the fan-favorite series Restaurant: Impossible returns to TV with all-new episodes every Thursday at 9|8c, starting March 11. You better grab a box of tissues for this one. Robert is set to help struggling owners, each desperate to salvage their crumbling restaurants for another shot at success. As always, he’ll dish out the tough love and honest critiques, and with any luck, after just two dramatic days Robert will have done the impossible for a bunch of deserving businesses.

Mark your calendars for the start of impossible Thursday nights — Restaurant: Impossible at 9|8c and Dinner: Impossible at 10|9c starting March 11.

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