18 Super Sloppy Joe Recipes

Messy, meaty and totally delicious, sloppy joes are a meal that the whole family will love. Whether you prefer your sandwich with turkey or beef, classic or with a twist, you're sure to find something for everyone with these amazing recipes.

July 29, 2021

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The Best Sloppy Joes

This is weeknight comfort food at its finest. We created a homemade sauce that is tangy and flavorful but also quick and easy. We used both ketchup and canned tomato sauce for lots of tomato-y zip and just a touch of brown sugar for a bit of sweetness and slight caramel finish. Green bell pepper is a key addition; it really enhances the other ingredients, elevating the flavor profile into the realm of a true sloppy joe.

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Stuffed Sloppy Joe Bombs

Your sloppy joe isn't so sloppy anymore. Instead of piling the saucy meat onto hamburger buns, stuff a classic sloppy joe mix into rounds of prepared biscuit dough. The resulting bombs are a perfect packed lunch or on-the-go snack for kids (and adults, too!).

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Sloppy Joes

Kids and adults alike will adore Ree's classic sloppy joes, which are a hit on game day, at tailgates or on the dinner table.

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Italian Sloppy Joes

Oregano, basil, Parmesan and garlic toasts lend an Italian-style flair to Ree’s easy weeknight dinner.

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Bombay Sloppy Joes

Aarti’s sloppy joes feature lean ground turkey in a ginger-spiced tomato sauce. Just before serving, she tops each sandwich with crunchy pistachios and chewy raisins for extra texture in this hearty dish.

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Sloppy Joes

These meaty, cafeteria-style sloppy joes have all the flavor of the sandwich you grew up on, but they're extra-lean so you can feel good about making them for your family.

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Southwestern Sloppy Joes

Put a spicy spin on sloppy joes by replacing ground beef with fiery chorizo. Mexican beer, pickled jalapenos and fresh tomato puree contribute even more flavor to these Southwestern-inspired sandwiches. If the heat feels too intense, add a dollop of sour cream to cool the dish down.

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Slow-Cooker Sloppy Joe Sliders

Thanks to your slow cooker, sloppy joes have never been easier! Simply combine ground beef, tomato sauce, a few veggies and seasonings, then let it cook for a few hours. It’s the ideal method for a busy day or a big game.

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Garam Masala Sloppy Joes

Dishes kids are sure to love, like sloppy joes, can be a great vehicle to introduce new flavors. These lighter sloppy joes, made with ground chicken, are spiced with garam masala and turmeric and sweetened with a bit of honey. Serve on whole wheat buns for a wholesome, family-friendly meal.

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Korean Sloppy Joe

Fresh ginger, gochujang and pickled cucumbers transform typical sloppy joes into five-star flavor bombs.

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Super Sloppy Joes

Rachael’s five-star sandwich is on the table in just 25 minutes.

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Sloppy Joe Sliders

This is the perfect sloppy joe for little hands but with a flavor both kids and adults will love. Have helpers in the kitchen? Let little ones measure out the vegetables. Older kids can help stir the meat and assemble the sliders.

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Cincinnati-Style Turkey Sloppy Joes

Inspired by the iconic Cincinnati chili, these sloppy joes feature ground turkey, Worcestershire sauce and apple pie spice. Just like the chili, each sandwich should be topped with chopped onions and shredded sharp Cheddar before digging in.

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The Ultimate Sloppy Joes

Tyler uses ground turkey, not beef, in his super sloppy joes. Once the meat is browned, he adds in both ketchup and mustard for a sweet-tangy flavor that everyone will love. Don’t skip the homemade pickles — they add an excellent crunch!

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Lentil Sloppy Joes

You won’t miss the meat in Katie’s vegetarian sandwich. She incorporates onion, peppers, tomato sauce, brown sugar and a touch of apple cider vinegar for tons of crave-worthy flavor.

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Sloppy Joes

Molly stuffs pitas with her sloppy joe mixture for a handheld dish you can eat anywhere.

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Spicy Vegan Sloppy Joes

Mushrooms make these kicked-up sloppy joes ultra-meaty. But there's no meat here, making this vegan sandwich one of the lightest sloppy Joes you'll probably ever make.

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Vegetarian Sloppy Joes

Swap tofu for ground beef in these meatless sloppy joes. A combination of ketchup and chili sauce lends a sweet and spicy kick!

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