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Star Kitchen: Nadia G.

Cooking Channel star Nadia G. shows off her Montreal kitchen to Food Network Magazine.
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Nadia G.'s Kitchen

Nadia G., host of Cooking Channel's Bitchin' Kitchen, bought her dream home online. It was a completely uninhabitable Montreal warehouse listed on, and she had to have it. "It was just bricks," she says. "The plumbing was a mess, the electrical was a mess." But she saw the potential and spent six years turning it around, transforming the bottom floor into a studio where she shoots her show and the top floor into a loft apartment. Her main priorities upstairs: a wide-open kitchen and, as fans would expect of the culinary tough girl, plenty of unconventional touches.

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Pet Pig

When she was pitching her idea for Bitchin' Kitchen, friends told her she'd get a TV show when pigs fly. Nadia bought this porcelain winged pig when her show became a reality.

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Kitschy Cabinets

Inspired by the Bitchin' Kitchen set, Nadia designed peel-away decals to make her white cabinets look tufted.

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Soapstone Countertops

Nadia chose soapstone because she can put hot pots right on top. "And it's different," she says. "It's not the typical granite or stainless steel."

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