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How to Clean Mushrooms

Updated on December 28, 2023

Everything you need to know about cleaning and storing mushrooms to add earthy richness to all your favorite dishes.

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Mushroom Essentials

From meaty mains to savory stews, mushrooms bring nuanced flavors and textures to all sorts of dishes. These versatile fungi are a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, and grocers and farmers markets offer a range of varieties including portobellos, cremini, shiitake and more.

Cleaning mushrooms can confuse even experienced cooks, so we created this guide to help you buy, clean and prepare mushrooms with confidence.

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Start With Quality Mushrooms

The key is to start with fresh, quality mushrooms. What to look for depends on which kind of mushrooms you're buying.

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How to Buy Cremini Mushrooms

For white mushrooms like cremini, make sure they are firm, plump and clean. The cap should be attached to the stem.

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How to Buy Portobello Mushrooms

Hearty portobello mushrooms can be baked into vegetarian mains, sautéed as a side dish and more. When you're shopping for portobellos, give them a sniff. They should smell like the earth and have fresh-looking gills.

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