Star Kitchen: Trisha Yearwood

Country star Trisha Yearwood shows Food Network Magazine around her Nashville kitchen and tells them about her new cooking show. Photographs by Russ Harrington.

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Trisha Yearwood's Kitchen

Becoming a three-time Grammy Award-winning country music star didn't just change Trisha Yearwood's life — it changed the way she cooks. When she hit it big and bought her home outside Nashville 12 years ago, she got the kitchen of her dreams — and she had to adjust to all the space. "I'm from a small town in Georgia," she says. "I never had a gas cooktop before ... I never had counter space before!" With the extra room, she could cook all the down-home Southern recipes she loves, which led to two cookbooks and her own Food Network show, Trisha's Southern Kitchen.

Warming Drawer

This warming drawer is Trisha's favorite feature of the kitchen. "The biggest obstacle to entertaining is having all the food ready at the same time," Trisha says. "With this drawer, I can do that."

Heated Hood

There's a heat lamp under this hood!

Finds From the Road

When she's touring, Trisha collects things for her kitchen. She and her mother were dining at a London restaurant when she encountered these cobalt water glasses. She loved them and bought them from the restaurant on the spot.

Custom-Built Table

It took Trisha a year to get the kitchen table she wanted: a 500-pound ceramic model with a built-in lazy Susan, like her mother had. It was made and painted in Italy, but it broke on the boat on the way over, so she ordered another. It took four men to haul it into the house when it arrived.

Love the Look

Trisha found this antique mahogany cabinet in Kansas City. "I love how the blue comes through the layers of paint," she says.

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