Star Kitchen: Kelsey Nixon

Cooking Channel star Kelsey Nixon shows Food Network Magazine how to make the most of a tiny kitchen.
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Kelsey Nixon's Kitchen

When Kelsey Nixon moved from Utah to New York City, where she shoots her Cooking Channel show, Kelsey's Essentials, she had to get organized fast: Her new kitchen is 75 square feet, a third the size of her old one. We stopped by to get some space-saving tricks.

Make Tools Do Double Duty

"I know I'm going to use my cake stand about 10 times a year for an actual cake," Kelsey says. "The rest of the time, I use it as a mini shelf." The fruit bowl by the sink? It's actually a juicer, but Kelsey stores lemons and limes in it.

Use Your Fridge As Storage Space

Kelsey bought a set of magnetic spice jars so she could hang them on her refrigerator instead of using up valuable room in the cabinets. She also stores a magnetic knife rack on the side of the fridge.

Give Prime Real Estate to Everyday Equipment

Don't fill counters with bulky appliances like stand mixers or blenders. "For me to put something on my counter, I have to use it all the time," Kelsey says. Wooden spoons get top placement next to the stove, and pots stay out for easy access.

Maximize the Cabinets

The kitchen has only two small drawers, so Kelsey mounted pegboard from the hardware store to her cabinet doors for hanging measuring cups, her mandoline and other small tools.