Star Kitchen: Jose Garces' Outdoor Kitchen

Iron Chef Jose Garces shows Food Network Magazine his incredible outdoor kitchen. Photographs by Steve Giralt.

Photo By: Steve Giralt

Photo By: Steve Giralt

Photo By: Steve Giralt

Photo By: Steve Giralt

Photo By: Steve Giralt

Jose Garces' Outdoor Kitchen

When he started looking for a weekend home, Jose Garces wanted a place where he could catch a break from running 16 restaurants and competing on Iron Chef America. But when he bought a farmhouse in Bucks County, Pa., he ended up with a third job as a farmer. His 40-acre property came with a 10-acre farm, and Jose spent last summer on a tractor planting vegetables to cook in this sprawling outdoor kitchen.

Handy Herbs

Jose grows fresh herbs in these redwood boxes. "It's great to be cooking and pick herbs from right in front of you," he says. "They serve as inspiration for my marinades and rubs."

Super-Sized Appliances

Jose keeps old restaurant equipment in a warehouse in Philadelphia, so he just took what he needed to furnish his kitchen. "I could be on one of those hoarding shows with all my kitchen stuff," he jokes. His favorite appliances: a 60-inch bar fridge stocked with beer, and two 52-inch ovens that are big enough to cook everything for a party at the same time.

Canning Station

The farm produces more food than Jose's family could possibly eat, so he cans some of it, using this canner to sterilize the jars. He cans peppers, tomatoes, chiles and homemade sofrito, a jam-like mixture of peppers, onions and garlic that he uses in soups and sauces.

Enormous Deck

Perpendicular to the kitchen is a 20-foot deck with chairs, couches and a Ping-Pong table, and just down the stairs is another patio, a fire pit and a hot tub.