Star Kitchen: Ina Garten's Paris Kitchen

Food Network Magazine visits Ina Garten's home away from home
in Paris. 

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Photo By: Beatriz da Costa

Photo By: Beatriz da Costa

Photo By: Beatriz da Costa

Photo By: Beatriz da Costa

Photo By: Beatriz da Costa

Ina Garten fell in love with Paris decades ago when she and Jeffrey visited as a young couple. They pitched a tent outside the city, she made beef bourguignonne on a camping stove, and Jeffrey promised her that one day they'd come back in style. Did they ever. In 2000, they bought a pied-a-terre on the top floor of a Haussmann building in the 7th Arrondissement, and they have been retreating here a few times a year ever since. Ina says that every time they arrive, she feels as lucky to be in Paris as she did on that first camping trip.

Raw Materials

Cooking in Paris is different from cooking at home, Ina explains. The pork is fattier, for example, and gelatin comes in sheets instead of powder. She did not have to adjust to the produce, though — it's reliably perfect.

American in Paris

Ina brought favorite cooking tools from home, including All-Clad pots and pans, Lux kitchen timers and her KitchenAid. "I thought, I could go all over Paris looking for it, or I could just go to one place and have it all shipped!" she says.

Heavy Lifting

Living on the top floor is great for views, but not so great when you need to carry a La Cornue range up the stairs. The job required four men. Ina says it took a while to get used to the range. "A stove is like a musical instrument. You have to get a feel for it."

Tile Reimagined

At first glance, Ina's floors look like tile, but the pattern is actually painted on chevron wood floors.

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