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Star Kitchen: Michael Symon's New York Kitchen

In his New York City kitchen, Michael Symon has created a home away from home.
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Photo: Jim Franco

Michael Symon's New York City Kitchen

Iron Chef Michael Symon is like the Goldilocks of New York City real estate: It took three tries before he and his wife, Liz, found a kitchen that was just right. Although the Symons still consider Cleveland home, Michael's busy schedule called for a place on the East Coast. During the past three years, they moved into three different apartments, finally landing in this one. "Liz and I are used to bigger kitchens, coming from Cleveland," Michael says. "But this one has everything I need."

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His-and-Her Knives

Michael calls these Liz's knives — he is so serious about butchering that he keeps his own set at his butcher station.

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Camouflaged Fridge

The refrigerator has the same wood doors as the cabinets, which eliminates one of Michael's least favorite things: kitschy magnets. "Liz likes to hang things up," he says. "But I don't like lots of stuff around, so this keeps the clutter to a minimum."

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Spice Selection

Michael grinds his own spices, including coriander seed and toasted cumin, and he keeps three types of sea salt on hand: red Hawaiian, Cyprus flake and black lava.

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