Star Kitchen: Michael Symon's New York Kitchen

In his New York City kitchen, Michael Symon has created a home away from home.

Michael Symon's New York City Kitchen

Iron Chef Michael Symon is like the Goldilocks of New York City real estate: It took three tries before he and his wife, Liz, found a kitchen that was just right. Although the Symons still consider Cleveland home, Michael's busy schedule called for a place on the East Coast. During the past three years, they moved into three different apartments, finally landing in this one. "Liz and I are used to bigger kitchens, coming from Cleveland," Michael says. "But this one has everything I need."

His-and-Her Knives

Michael calls these Liz's knives — he is so serious about butchering that he keeps his own set at his butcher station.

Camouflaged Fridge

The refrigerator has the same wood doors as the cabinets, which eliminates one of Michael's least favorite things: kitschy magnets. "Liz likes to hang things up," he says. "But I don't like lots of stuff around, so this keeps the clutter to a minimum."

Spice Selection

Michael grinds his own spices, including coriander seed and toasted cumin, and he keeps three types of sea salt on hand: red Hawaiian, Cyprus flake and black lava.

Coffee Addict

This espresso machine feeds Michael's habit: He drinks 12 shots per day!

Butcher Block

Michael loves his butcher station.