All the Restaurants Featured on The Flay List

If you're planning a trip to New York City, put Bobby and Sophie Flay's favorite spots on your must-try list.

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Photo By: Anders Krusberg

Photo By: Anders Krusberg

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Los Tacos No. 1

Bobby loves this authentic taco spot, located beneath the Food Network studios in Chelsea Market. Tucked inside is Los Tacos No. 1, a small shop that churns out nearly 2,000 tacos per day to hungry tourists. Their tortillas are made fresh in house, and each meat filling choice is made with high-quality ingredients. Their sister restaurant Los Mariscos sits just next door, churning out seafood for your second course.

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L'Arte del Gelato

Tucked inside Chelsea Market is this small gelato stand—but don’t let the size deter you, they don’t skimp on flavor. This is Bobby’s favorite gelato shop in all of New York because they serve gelato the way they do in Sicily: scooped on a buttery brioche bun. Choose from classic flavors like stracciatella and pistachio, or go for one of the seasonal flavors, like pumpkin.

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This classic brasserie is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. Bobby and Sophie stop in for a coffee and pastry on their way to try the city's best lobster rolls.

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Ed's Lobster Bar

You might recognize chef-owner Ed McFarland as an occasional judge on Beat Bobby Flay, but at this seafood joint, he’s setting the rules. Stepping through the door is like being transported to Nantucket: not only do the bright interiors feel beachy, but the menu is packed with New England favorites like lobster rolls and raw oysters.

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KITH Treats

From the outside, KITH looks like your average sneaker store, but don’t let that fool you. Bobby knows that inside behind the clothes is KITH Treats, their popular soft-serve ice cream joint where you can blend your favorite cereals and candies into rich ice cream. The menu is full of blended creations designed by celebrities and athletes who visited the shop, so you can order a custom treat or just say “I’ll have what LeBron’s having.”

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Red Hook Lobster Pound

Bobby and Sophie catch the ferry to Brooklyn to check out this seafood spot. The owners of this Brooklyn joint set out to bring the Maine vacation spirit to New York, and to do so they bring in live Maine lobsters three times a week all year ‘round—a total of around 15,000 pounds of lobster meat per year. Opt for a classic buttery roll or try one of their more creative options like the Tuscan Lobster Roll, which is tossed with basil vinaigrette.

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Sweet Chick

Sophie introduces Bobby to this creative southern joint, where unique flavors of fried chicken like Buffalo wing, General Tso’s and cheesy Cordon Bleu get the chicken-and-waffle update. The restaurant's name comes from their signature marinade: sweet tea.Learn more Learn more

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Grace Street Cafe

This Koreatown cafe is the perfect place for Sophie to reminisce about the month she spent in Korea. In addition to creative lattes, they're known for sweet desserts like Korean doughnuts and creamy shaved "snow".

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Sophie's choice for tacos in the city is this upscale taco joint, which is the only restaurant in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood to earn a coveted Michelin Star. The dishes at this restaurant are cooked over a wood fire and are inspired by flavors from regions all across Mexico. All the tacos on their creative menu, including options like pork cheek and and grilled mushroom, are served on house-made blue corn tortillas.

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Quality Eats

This casual, modern steakhouse prides themselves in serving lesser-known cuts of steak along with creative sides, a technique that also helps keep prices affordable for young diners like Sophie and her friends. Don’t forget to give one of their signature cocktails a try with dinner, which are modern takes on classic steakhouse drinks, like the Cracker Jack Old Fashioned.

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Wolfgang's Steakhouse

When Bobby craves steak, he heads straight to Wolfgang’s, which boasts a truly delectable selection. The rib-eye steak features impressive marbling and a stunning caramelized crust, while the porterhouse is served in tantalizingly thick slices painted with a rich mixture of butter and meat juices.

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Sophie introuces Bobby to Detroit-style pizza at this casual spot. The owners of this Brooklyn-based chain ate pizza on their first date, so it's small wonder the bubbly modern American-style pies taste like they're made with love. The dough is hand-mixed and the mozzarella is prepared in-house, under top-quality toppings. Just as popular as the pizza is the house burger, served with dry-aged beef on a fluffy pretzel bun.

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Cha Cha Matcha

Instead of coffee, Bobby and Sophie get their caffeine buzz on at this trendy tearoom, where matcha is more than just a cup of green tea. Try a classic Matcha Latte or opt for a sweeter flavor, like coconut. Hungry? Even the croissants are filled with a sweet matcha cream.

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In between slices of pizza, Bobby and Sophie stop at this Italy-based gelato chain for a refreshing scoop. Grom uses ancient, time-tested methods to create its authentic scoops, all without any colorings, unnatural flavoring agents, emulsifiers or preservatives.

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Joe's Pizza

This slice shop is Sophie's favorite place to come after a late night out. If you’re looking for a quintessential New York slice, look no further than Joe’s. The family-owned chain has been using the same recipes for three generations, and to this day they keep the menu very simple. Choose from classic cheese, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella or sicilian style slices.

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Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

Sophie picked this Instagram-famous spot as her favorite burger in New York. In addition to its craft brews and crowd-pleasing burgers, this joint offers Extreme Milkshakes that are a 3-D culinary extravaganza. Chef-Owner Joe Isidori begins his towering bonanzas of sugar and ice cream by affixing candy to old-school soda fountain glasses using cake frosting as glue. The extreme options come in four flavors: Sweet n’ Salty, The Cookie, Cotton Candy and Sour Power. For Halloween, they create a special shake called the Candy Cauldron which is garnished with sweet treats, candy corn and a whole candied apple.

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J. G. Melon

Located on the Upper East Side, this intimate pub is a place where locals gather for food and a good laugh. After cooking all day, there is nothing Bobby wants more than one of the signature cheeseburgers. Bobby orders his burger with double American cheese, making every bite even richer.

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Il Laboratorio Del Gelato

Bobby and Sophie stopped here for a scoop of gelato in between burgers. This small retail cafe offers an expansive window into an open kitchen, where frozen desserts are handmade in small batches. With a growing list of almost 200 flavors, Il Laboratorio Del Gelato was born with the idea, as the name suggests, of being a custom "lab" where chefs work to develop unique flavors, including Black Sesame, Wasabi and Sage.

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Blue Ribbon

Bobby spent a lot of time as a young chef at Blue Ribbon Brasserie, and now he's teaching Sophie how to navigate the huge menu like an old pro. No matter what, he always orders a plate of their tender fried chicken for the table.

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Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream

Restaurateur Nicholas Morgenstern likes to mix it up at his ice cream shop by offering newfangled flavors and well-done classics. Try the bourbon vanilla, a flavor that is made by infusing bourbon with vanilla beans for a year. Once strained, the vanilla beans are scraped and added to the ice cream base, before getting hit with the bourbon again. The end result is rich, warming and sweetly complex.

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