The Most-Memorable Special Guests Featured on Beat Bobby Flay

Take a look at some of Bobby's A-List guests who want nothing more than to see him lose.

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Photo By: Chris Amaral

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

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Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Jason DeCrow

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

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Photo By: Scott Gries

Photo By: Scott Gries

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Scott Gries

Photo By: Scott Gries

Photo By: Scott Gries

Photo By: Rich Freeda

Photo By: Scott Gries

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

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Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

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Photo By: Scott Gries

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Photo By: Stephen Davis Phillips

Sophie Flay

Bobby has just one daughter, and even she showed no mercy on him. While Sophie liked Bobby’s pumpkin ravioli filling, she was not afraid to root for the other chef in the hopes of defeating her dad.

Michael Voltaggio and Tony Hawk

When Tony Hawk shows up, you know he’s going to bring a skateboard. And sure enough, Bobby donned a helmet and tried out the rig (complete with training wheels!) as Tony and fellow judge Michael watched.

Chrissy Teigen

Model and influencer Chrissy Teigen frequently eats at Bobby’s restaurants, so she is familiar with the Flay way. She was excited to use that knowledge, along with tips from friend Michael Symon, to her advantage.

Michael Strahan

NFL Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Strahan came to BBF guns a-blazing. When Bobby said that the most distracting thing in his kitchen is too much talking, the "giant NFL player" used his charm and muscles to outwit and outlift Bobby.

Tony Rock

Tony Rock used his talents as a comedian to get in Bobby’s way, but he wished his friend luck with a quick toast during a busy round of cooking.

Jourdan Dunn

Supermodel Jourdan Dunn said she was the "good luck charm" for this episode. While she may not be a professional chef, she spends her free time in the kitchen and enjoys distracting Bobby in his kitchen. It didn’t seem to work though, as B. Flay still pulled out the win.

Michael Symon

Michael Symon and Bobby Flay might be best friends, but that doesn’t stop Michael from wanting to take him down. He knows just the right buttons to push to annoy Bobby, while also making him laugh, which is the perfect distraction.

Jess Cagle

Jess Cagle, best known for his previous position as editor-in-chief People Magazine, walked into the Beat Bobby Flay kitchen looking to write Bobby out of the competition.

Noah Cappe

Bobby’s plaid twin Noah Cappe is best known for his role on Carnival Eats. After an intense dance lesson, it’s selfie time for the boys — but that’s just Noah’s way of trying to distract Bobby.

Dylan Dreyer

Today Show weather correspondent Dylan Dreyer predicted a storm brewing in the BBF kitchen that would hopefully rain down on Bobby.

Sophia Bush and Carla Hall

One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush and Carla Hall teamed up to cheer on the competition, whom they called Superman. Carla, sporting his cape, and Sophia were excited to find Bobby’s kryptonite and watch him lose.

Marc Murphy

Marc always comes in wanting to see Bobby’s dish on the chopping block. He seems to pull out the win whenever he’s accompanied by another Chopped judge, but he knows Bobby’s also got tricks up his sleeve and can only hope for a screw-up.

Brooke Shields

Award-winning actress Brook Shields was nervous when she cooked for the one and only Bobby Flay but was happy to get his approval on her homemade tortilla chips. She, however, did not reciprocate the compliments on the show. Her goal was to take Bobby down, not hype him up.

Valerie Bertinelli

Although actress and chef Valerie Bertinelli always wants Bobby to lose, she doesn’t like to see him sad. She tried to cheer him up before it was time to take him down.

Geoffrey Zakarian

Geoffrey came into the kitchen relaxed and ready to take Bobby down yet again. GZ often tries to frazzle Bobbly, like he did here with a FaceTime call to chef Katie Lee, who is also a friend of the opponent. Bobby wasn’t too thrilled to see her, and she helped get in his head by calling his dish "an odd choice."

Natalie Morales

Things got personal for Natalie after she lost the last time she was on the show. She stepped into the BBF kitchen hoping to report that Bobby’s blue corn tortillas were not enough to win over the judges. They were, though, and Natalie left the set with another loss.

Damaris Phillips

After mentoring Damaris Phillips on Food Network Star, Bobby Flay knows that she goes big or goes home. So he invites her to the judges’ table often to see what she’s really made of, even if it means defeat every now and then.

Scott Conant

Scott and Bobby have a great friendship, but Scott has a history of getting on Bobby’s nerves. Scott reminded him of this when he said, "you’ve kicked me out of your restaurant probably more than anyone." Luckily, he hasn’t been kicked out of the BBF kitchen yet.

Alton Brown

Since commentating on countless of Bobby’s Iron Chef battles and watching him cook for years, Alton thinks he can find Bobby’s Achilles heel.

Anne Burrell

Anne Burrell is on the show enough to know that she really has to bring it if she wants to defeat the king himself. She’s ready to prove that Bobby isn’t #1.

Jason Biggs

Known for bringing the funny to any situation, actor Jason Biggs cracked plenty of jokes on set and used humor to try to distract Bobby.

Martha Stewart

According to Bobby, Martha Stewart needs no introduction and gives life lessons without even trying. When she appeared on a Thanksgiving episode, she only wanted one thing to be thankful for and that was to watch Bobby lose.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris is a star of stage and screen. He came into the BBF kitchen attempting to add "slayed Bobby Flay" to his resume by hiding Bobby’s ingredients. Can someone say Legen wait for it dary!?

Lance Bass

The only thing boy band superstar Lance Bass wanted in this episode was to say Bye Bye Bye to Bobby. He even brought out some of those killer dance moves!

Olivia Culpo

Former Miss USA and Miss Universe Olivia Culpo is not afraid of a little competition, of course. She mentioned being starstruck when she first met the grill master years ago, but this time around she was all business when trying to take him down.

The Property Brothers

Drew and Jonathan Scott are real-estate kings from HGTV’s Property Brothers. They’re used to competing with each other, but this time it was all about working together to take down Bobby.

Katie Couric

BREAKING NEWS: Katie Couric doesn’t hold back as she enters the Beat Bobby Flay kitchen and told Bobby, "I love you, but you are a bit cocky and I like when you are humiliated!" Bobby was not surprised to hear that because apparently, she’s been saying it for decades.

Maria Menounos

TV personality Maria Menounos brought the heat, with her smack talk and evident desire to bring Bobby down.

Katie Lee

The Kitchen co-host is a longtime friend of Bobby, so whenever Katie is on set, she is ready to crack jokes and keep Bobby on his toes.

Anthony Anderson

This was not the first time Bobby’s fate has been in actor and comedian Anthony Anderson’s hands. After judging Iron Chef and sending him home, Anthony came into this kitchen ready to see Bobby walk out a loser once again.

Ted Allen

While Ted may seem super serious most of the time, the BBF table always brings out his energy and passion for food and cooking.

Eddie Jackson

Bobby and Eddie have a history together. Back in 2015, the former football pro took the crown on Food Network Star, where he was mentored by none other than Bobby Flay. Here in the arena, he used a few different tactics to try to scare Bobby and pull out a win — just as he likely did in his NFL days.

Apolo Ohno

Speed skater Apolo Ohno used his competitive experience in hopes of bringing home the gold in beating Bobby Flay. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to add a BBF medal to his eight Olympic medals, but he is still the most-decorated American Olympian to compete in the Winter Olympics.

Busy Phillips

Busy Phillips impressed Bobby with her acting as well as her baking and decorating abilities. After watching Bobby win her first time around, Busy came in again looking to get Bobby beat. And she picked the pastry chef who did just that.

Jet Tila

The New York King and LA Guru put aside their coastal differences to form a deep friendship. That doesn’t mean that Jet wants to see his pal win, though. Much like his signature Asian cuisine, Jet likes to see Bobby get all thai’d up.

Giada De Laurentiis

Giada is no stranger to the BBF kitchen, and after a long-time friendship and years of working alongside Bobby on Food Network Star, she knows that each time she’s here she needs to bring something new to keep him on his toes. She’s the queen of pasta, as her crown shows, just trying to outshine the king of meat.

Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone came back for redemption as a judge on the show, stating that he doesn’t want to focus on the past (when he lost), but "concentrate on the future." His culinary expertise helped determine who would move on to round 2 to win it all.

Robert Irvine

Robert Irvine is used to high pressure situations from his experience on Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible. His mission on this episode? Beat Bobby Flay! He brought the house down with his intensity and even made Bobby a bit nervous, "I am a little worried, it’s alright."

Gus Kenworthy

Olympic freestyle skiing medalist Gus Kenworthy headed into the BBF kitchen to give an athlete’s perspective on the challenge at hand. Just like his time at the 2014 Winter Olympics, Gus had his eyes on the prize in this arena.

Penn Jillette

Magician Penn Jillette has appeared on Food Network numerous times, though he claims it’s for the free food. On this holiday-themed episode, Penn wanted the gift of sweet victory.

Derek Hough

Professional dancer and choreographerDerek Hough came into the kitchen ready for battle. He compared dancing to cooking, noting how important it is to get every move and every ingredient just right.

Tia Mowry

Though she was full of light-hearted energy and competitive spirit, Tia was careful not to hurt Bobby’s feelings too much.

Ina Garten

"She’s Ina Garten, enough said." Clearly, Bobby was very excited to have Ina Garten as a guest on the show because she knows exactly what the competing chefs need to beat him. She even agreed to make him chicken soup if the competition pulled out a win.

Sunny Anderson

If we can be certain of one thing, it’s that the party doesn’t start until Sunny walks in! She comes in hot every time with her Bobby Flay inspired apparel, whether it’s a Nacho Flay (Bobby’s cat) t-shirt or B. Flay socks.

Patti LaBelle

Legendary singer Patti LaBelle loves to cook just like Bobby does. But while she and B. Flay have that in common, she said that watching him lose is on her bucket list.

Kristen Cavallari

Kristen Cavallari, an actress and designer, likes to put healthy twists on classic dishes. She wanted to use her knowledge of cooking to get inside Bobby’s head and critique his dish.

Jesse Palmer

Jesse Palmer is an NFL quarterback turned TV host and celebrity chef. "It’s great to get a chance to tap into other passions outside of just football alone," he said. Jesse pulled out his playbook in hopes that he could find some way to make Bobby fumble.

Alex Guarnaschelli

Not only is Alex one of Bobby’s closest friends, but she’s also an Iron Chef and Food Network superstar. So yeah, she knows a thing or two about competitions and what it takes to beat Bobby, because she has beaten him in this very arena!

Elvis Duran

Most popular for his morning show on radio station Z-100, Elvis Duran appeared on Beat Bobby Flay with jokes and an energy that Bobby said made him nervous.

Seth Meyers

Late-night talk show host and infamous snark-master Seth had the joy of teasing Bobby during his showdown. Co-host Michael Symon said Bobby had always wanted a talk show, so Seth gave Bobby an audition reading from card prompts, but Seth made the text so small Bobby couldn’t read it! That wasn’t Bobby’s only setback of the night; he lost to the competing chef in the last round!

Tina Fey

This guest needs no introduction — but she does need a rematch! Tina and co-host Alex Guarneschelli lightly teased Bobby the whole episode, but Tina took it up a notch with the reveal of a Bobby-themed “Burnt Book.” Highlights from this lighthearted roast include Bobby’s obsession with posing with his hands on his hips and his frequent wearing of skinny jeans. But it was Bobby who had the last laugh when he whipped up the winning dish!

Drew Barrymore

Famous actress Drew had to pull out her best acting skills during her time on Beat Bobby Flay. The competing chef requested Bobby make chocolate cream pie, so Drew had fun tasting both chefs’ versions. She pretended Bobby’s chocolate filling wasn’t up to snuff, but reluctantly whispered to co-host Michael Voltaggio that it was delicious! In fact, it was so delicious it gave Bobby the victory.

Danica Patrick

As one of the most-famous professional racecar drivers in the world, Danica is no stranger to competitions, so she was right at home on the Beat Bobby Flay set. Her co-host, Eddie Jackson, gave a competitor a big crown for being the BBQ Princess, while Danica teases Bobby with a tiara. In the end, though, it was Bobby who was crowned champion!

Al Roker

Beloved meteorologist Al had his fun teasing Bobby and rooting for the opposing chef, but Bobby weathered the storm and pulled out a win with a deluxe steak and eggs dish.

Jane Krakowski

Emmy-nominated comedian Jane is no stranger to a good string of jokes — and that’s why she couldn’t help but distract Bobby during the final round. She asked to do a split, fake-sneezed into his potato salad, and requested a selfie, all to ensure he wasted precious moments of cooking time. But her efforts were futile, as Bobby went home with the win!

Gigi Hadid

Supermodel Gigi is a big falafel fan, so when the competing chef picked it as his signature dish, she was excited, and even helped Bobby form some for his dish! Sadly she wasn’t the one with the winning touch; Chef Max scored the victory over Bobby in the final round.

Reid Scott

His “Veep” character was a sneaky plotter, but Reid wasn’t the real troublemaker this episode... it was his co-host Sunny after all! Bobby mentions his new home in LA, and Sunny wants an invite. She whips out a printed screenshot of an old text conversation between the two of them demanding he follow up on an old Thanksgiving invite! Her hilarious timing made Bobby cry with laughter, so fortunately there were no tears left to cry when he lost to the guest chef.

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