On the Set of Beat Bobby Flay

Browse behind-the-scenes photos of the Beat Bobby Flay set to see inside the kitchen where Bobby Flay's head-to-head cook-offs take place.

Culinary Battleground

Between the dim blue lighting overhead, the mists of fog in the air and the cheering audience that loads in to watch the action from above, this space is as much of an amphitheater as it is a kitchen.

Chef's Corner

There are two workstations in the kitchen, and each comes equipped with a working sink, plus a deep-fryer, an oven, a stovetop and ample prep stations.

Pick Your Pan

Frequently used tools like small stockpots, saute pans and cast-iron skillets, as well as sheet pans, griddles and a mandoline, are set up in each competitor’s corner.

Easy Access

Thanks to the knives, wooden spoons, tongs and standard seasonings provided at each chef's workstation, the competitors don't have to waste time trying to track down some of the most-basic utensils.

Pantry Goods

Just like many home cupboards, the pantry on set is full of traditional fruits and vegetables. There are four different types of potatoes, at least three kinds of onions, plus fresh garlic, eggplant and pineapple available.

Grocery Shopping Made Simple

Instead of scurrying through multiple refrigerators for must-have product, all of the chilled goods can be found in a single cooler. From milk and butter to greens and meats, this refrigerator is a one-stop resource.

Wood-Fired Food

In addition to everyday tools like blenders and food processors, the Beat Bobby Flay kitchen comes full of next-level pieces, as well, including these smoking guns. Competitors can add subtle notes of flavor by smoking an ingredient with the taste of mesquite, apple or hickory chips.

Dairy Aisle

There's no shortage of cheese in the refrigerator. More than a dozen varieties are packed inside, surely enough for both chefs' needs.

For the Decision Makers

The judges take their seats at this rustic table to taste competitors' dishes and ultimately decide whose offerings are worthy of a win.

Final Tally

Since the Round 2 tasting is blind, the judges don't know which dish each competitor prepared. They use these cards to select which one they deem more successful.

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