Star Kitchen: Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson, host of Nigella Express, shows Food Network Magazine how she decks out her London kitchen for the holidays. Photographs by Lis Parsons.

Nigella Lawson's Kitchen

British celeb chef Nigella Lawson has made a career of helping stressed-out home cooks, and she can certainly relate: She writes her cookbooks in her own hectic family kitchen, which she shares with her husband, advertising executive and art dealer Charles Saatchi, and children, Mimi, Phoebe and Bruno.

Easy-Access Tools

The chef stores her go-to tools on wall racks or in canisters on the counter. "When you have things stashed away, you're always pulling open the wrong drawer, no matter how long you've had the kitchen," she says.

Fridges Galore

Nigella has four fridges: this main one, plus a half fridge for drinks, a half fridge for produce and another full fridge for her cookbook projects. "It's not fair to say to my husband and kids, 'Why did you eat that? I was saving it for a recipe!'"

Custom Counter

At 5 foot 7, Nigella is a little taller than most women, so she had 35 1/2-inch-high counters installed. They're stainless steel, so they get scratched, "but you don't need coasters when you put down hot things," she says. "I'm more lazy than persnickety."

"Vintage" Pots

Nigella antiqued this copper pot herself: "Some people like copper to look nice and shiny, but I'm just the opposite," she says. "I put water in it and boiled it dry. I bought the pot four years ago, but it looks like it could have been my grandmother's."

Mix of Old and New

Her London townhouse dates back to the early 1800s, but Nigella wanted the kitchen to look "as if someone had come in during the 1930s and redone it." She loves stainless steel appliances but added moldings and dark wood cabinets to match the rest of the house: "I didn't want it looking too contemporary."