Star Kitchen: Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri shows Food Network Magazine his massive, tricked-out kitchen of his dreams. Photographs by David Lauridsen.

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Guy Fieri's Kitchen

Believe it or not, Guy Fieri has lived in the same Northern California house for 14 years. He and his wife, Lori, bought it when they were expecting their first son, Hunter. "It's important to me that the kids grow up in the house we had when they were born," Guy says.

TV Show Memorabilia

On top of these cabinets, Guy keeps souvenirs from his travels and places he has visited on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. The autographed pizza peel is from The Original Vito & Nick's Pizzeria in Chicago.

Mega Burner

To accommodate oversize cookware, like his 20-gallon jambalaya pot, Guy installed a 27,500-BTU Viking gas wok burner next to his regular range. "The only thing I don't like is waiting for a huge pot of pasta to boil," he says.

Reclaimed Barn Wood

Guy is all about natural light — his home has 19 skylights — and wood. This counter, made from salvaged barn wood, doubles as front-row seating when he entertains: "The wives sit here and watch while the guys cook," he says.

His and Her Refrigerators

A quick peek inside the fridges reveals whose is whose. Lori's, on the left, holds snacks for the kids, groceries for dinner and some white wine, while Guy's is filled with beef jerky, beer, condiments and ingredients for recipe testing. Both fridges have self-closing doors. "Nothing drives me crazier than the sound of slamming doors," Guy says.

Foot Pedal Sink

"Nothing's worse than touching a faucet with some nasty raw chicken on your hands," Guy says. He installed hospital-style foot pedals so he can operate his sink hands-free.

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