Guy Fieri Takes Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives to Italy

For an authentic Italian experience, Guy and his Triple D crew head to Florence, Italy. Check out some of Guy’s favorite Tuscan meals there.

Spaghetti Mangiafuoco — La Taverna dei Miracoli da Mangiafuoco (Collodi, Italy)

This is not just any spaghetti and tomato sauce. Garlic, capers, anchovies and beautifully ripened cherry tomatoes make up this simple meal. It’s like tasting all of Italy in one dish. 

Fresh Pasta with Pistachio Pesto — La Cucina del Garga (Florence, Italy)

At Garga, fresh pasta is a staple. The chef often mixes up the various shapes of pasta, but one component stays the same — the pistachio pesto. On Guy’s trip, the pasta shape was farfalle, and the dish was finished with fresh mint leaves and cherry tomatoes. 

Calabrese Pizza — Gustapizza (Florence, Italy)

Most people assume the best pizza in Italy has to be in Naples. The four brothers who started Gustapizza brought a part of Naples to Florence. The Calabrese pizza features fresh mozzarella and a spicy salami that's similar to pepperoni. 

Spaghettini de Briganti — Fratelli Briganti (Florence, Italy)

This is the “spaghetti of the house.” The sauce is composed simply of diced Italian tomatoes, garlic, basil and extra virgin olive oil. The ingredients are just warmed through and spooned on top of the cooked spaghettini. While made with simple ingredients, this dish packs a lot of fresh flavor. 

Squid-Ink Linguine — Ristorante W.O.W (Montecatini Terme, Italy)

Ristorante W.O.W stands for "Windows of the World." Although it's a restaurant on a mountain, the chef knows his seafood. Fresh shrimp and squid make up the seafood component in this squid-ink linguine. The chef hand makes his pasta with squid ink to give it a jet-black color and velvety mouthfeel. It tastes like the ocean. 

King Prawns — Ristorante W.O.W (Montecatini Terme, Italy)

A fried artichoke heart is the perfect bed for colossal seared king prawns finished with a brandy sauce slightly sweetened with chestnut honey. Ristorante W.O.W serves simple, coastal Italian cuisine at its finest. 

Oxtail Tortelli — Port Ellen Clan (Lucca, Italy)

Tortelli are Tuscan filled pasta, similar to ravioli. At Port Ellen Clan, these tortelli are filled with braised oxtail and finished with a simple emulsion of butter and sherry vinegar. Perfect with a glass of red wine. 

Mussels Carbonara — Port Ellen Clan (Lucca, Italy)

Carbonara originated in Rome and is traditionally made with bacon or pancetta. The chef at Port Ellen Clan replaces the bacon with briny mussels for a sweet and salty interpretation. The pasta is finished with the mussel cooking liquid emulsified with fresh egg yolks. 

Pollo Frito — Fratelli Briganti (Florence, Italy)

This Italian spin on an American classic has Florentine locals hooked. Here, freshly fried chicken is paired with various fried vegetables, including zucchini, artichokes and, of course, potatoes.

Lamb alla Ciociara — La Taverna dei Miracoli da Mangiafuoco (Collodi, Italy)

Lamb chops are braised with tomatoes, olives, potatoes and white wine. This dish is rich, tender and charmingly rustic. It's a taste of the Italian countryside. 

Calzone Napolitano — Gustapizza (Florence, Italy)

The Calzone Napolitano comes straight from Naples. Even the sweet salami used in the dish is shipped from Naples. Rather than being served as a dipping sauce, tomato sauce is baked right onto the calzone for a roasted, caramelized flavor profile. 

Tagliatelle del "Magnifico" — La Cucina del Garga (Florence, Italy)

This pasta dish at Garga is so simple, but so flavorful. Cream is simmered with orange and lemon zest, and mint. Italian cognac and Parmesan cheese are added. The fresh tagliatelle pasta is added to the rich sauce. The complexity is not what you would expect.