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Star Kitchen: Jeffrey Saad

Cooking Channel host Jeffrey Saad takes Food Network Magazine through his sprawling California kitchen. Photographs by Dave Lauridsen.
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Jeffrey Saad's Kitchen

Jeffrey Saad spends so much time in front of the camera — he was a finalist on Food Network Star and Chopped All-Stars, and he's the host of United Tastes of America on Cooking Channel — that even dinner at home in this Encino, Calif., kitchen can feel like a made-for-TV event. In fact, he once staged an Iron Chef-style competition with his wife, Nadia, and kids, Isabella, 15, and Sebastian, 12.

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Jeffrey's Kitchen Journal

Other times, Jeffrey's kitchen is a lab where he experiments with flavors inspired by recent travels. He uses traditional cookware and techniques that he picks up from around the world, and he jots down notes on his successes and failures in a journal he keeps by the stove. Jeffrey cooks here two or three times a day when he's not on the road, but he admits he doesn't always serve the exotic stuff he makes and eats on TV. "Sometimes," he says, "the kids just want Tater Tots."

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Espresso Obsession

Jeffrey fell in love with espresso when he first went to Rome, his wife's hometown. Now he orders coffee beans from Blue Bottle Coffee in Northern California and grinds them to use in his Brasilia espresso machine.

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Separate Freezer

Instead of a traditional fridge/freezer combo, freezer drawers are built into Jeffrey's counter. "I like this setup because I hate losing half the capacity of my fridge to a freezer," he says.

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