Star Kitchen: Kelsey Nixon's Brooklyn Kitchen

Kelsey Nixon shows Food Network Magazine her home kitchen, which doubles as her office. Photographs by David A. Land.

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Kelsey Nixon's Kitchen

When Kelsey Nixon and her husband, Robby, moved into their Brooklyn apartment last year, they felt they had hit the big time. "We came from a 500-square-foot third-floor walk-up in Manhattan," says the Cooking Channel host. But now they have a doorman, an elevator and enough space so Kelsey can work from home. "I'm here all day. I wrote a cookbook here, I test recipes here," she says, all with her son, Oliver, 11 months, at her side.

Candy Girl

When she was growing up, Kelsey's friends all wanted to hang out at her house. "It's probably because my mom had drawers full of candy," she jokes. Kelsey follows in her mom's footsteps and always has a jar of sweets on hand.

Pie Chart

Kelsey's favorite food is all-American apple pie, "the ooey-gooey kind," she says. She keeps her family's recipe at the ready on her kitchen chalkboard.

Kelsey's Essentials

She uses this pepper grinder on her show.

Heirloom Pot

Sunday dinner for Kelsey's family means a roast in Grandma Charlotte's pot. "There have probably been tens of thousands of meals made in it," Kelsey says.

Secret Ingredient

Kelsey keeps honey around as a tribute to her native Utah, the Beehive State. She uses it as an all-purpose sweetener and always puts a touch of it in her cornbread.