50+ Black Kitchens We Love

Black kitchens are just as timeless as white ones, but they can be cozier and a little moodier. These spaces just might inspire you to go dark.

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Elevate the Eclectic

Take functional elegance to the next level with a space like this midcentury modern kitchen. Incorporate an eye-catching, eclectic backsplash into an otherwise simple space to add glamour and energy to a dark space.

Dress to Impress

Pair lighter wood floors and bright countertops with striking cabinets. Darker colors don’t necessarily make the space feel smaller and can often help open the room up, as illustrated with this kitchen’s distinctive navy cabinetry

Let Geometry Drive

Set a focal point for your darker kitchen through the use of a geometric backsplash. This feature can sit with neutral colors and feed off of metallic elements, like light pendants and cabinet hardware, for an extra level of pizzazz.

Vary Cabinet Colors

Incorporating a variety of colored cabinets adds a focal point for any kitchen. Try contrasting white cabinets with a striking black island, complimented by a black range hood and soft gold details, like this kitchen masterfully displays.

Clean it Up

You don’t have to try too hard to have a beautiful kitchen. Just keep it clean and classic, like this black and white beauty. Texture and stark contrast are the name of the game for this simple space.

Extend the Stone

These dark marble countertops make a bold statement, as the stone spills down the sides of the island. If you find a stone you love, don’t limit yourself to the tops of your counters. This marble waterfall effect creates sleek lines and grounds the island.

Pair Dark Floors and Cabinets

For another dramatic look, install dark wood flooring alongside dark cabinets. The pairing establishes the space as the heart of the home, sitting prominent and eye-catching in the center of everyday life.

Go Matte

One way to elevate your space is through the integration of matte finishes. Cabinets are often finished with a bit of a shine, but matte finishes make a different kind of statement. Pair these cabinets with additional matte stone detailing, or mix it up with shiny, coated stone countertops.

Reach for the Ceiling

Extend your cabinets all the way to the ceiling. They will create a new height and dimension for your space, especially if they sit in darker tones like the cabinetry pictured here. The combination of dark and light sleek lines in this kitchen also create an ultra-modern finish.

Couple Darks and Brights

This kitchen’s dimensional black cabinetry and metal detailing around the windows create a fluidity throughout this kitchen space. By painting a feature wall this bright pop of pink, the homeowners are able to draw the eye across the room, jumping from the sleek black built-ins to the pink power wall.

Complement Darks with Metallics

To add depth and a pop of sparkle within a darker kitchen, utilize dynamic metallic details. Whether through chair detailing, dishware on the counters or hanging light pendants, the incorporation of metallics will make your dark kitchen shine.

Open the Air

For entirely dark kitchens like this one, try keeping as open a floor plan as possible. Instead of feeling trapped and overwhelmed, an open floor plan will allow this shadowy space to feel modern and cool instead.

Give Dark Features a Go

Your cabinets aren’t the only element of your kitchen in which you can experiment with darker vibes. Take this black farmhouse sink and dishwasher, for example. Creating a dynamic experience, these features blend seamlessly into the cabinetry, facilitating continuity.

Investigate Black Backsplashes

Black cabinetry and deep gray countertops ground this kitchen, but the backsplash makes the space pop. You don’t need to incorporate color to make a splash; look into darker geometric backsplashes for this powerful punch.

Mix Colors and Textures

This slick kitchen plays with linework, color and texture to create a driving impact within the space. If you’re not into color and patterns but want to create a special kind of room, dance with natural textures and a combination of neutrals.

Go Glossy or Move Matte

The world is your oyster when it comes to finishes on your cabinets, countertops and backsplashes. Mix and match glossy and matte finishes for a unified, yet interesting look. If you don’t like the mix, choose one or the other. Consistent themes throughout your space will create a cohesive look.

Let Metals Take Over

This captivating kitchen provides an ultra-modern appeal with open space, dark cabinets and an obvious focal point. Like something out of an art museum, this steel backsplash emphasizes the expansive nature of this space, while also making use of the open wall space.

Play with Parallels

A symmetry within your space adds balance and creates a basis upon which to construct the rest of the room. Amplify this symmetry with parallel cabinetry and islands. For an extra statement, choose distinct black elements and run with the theme.

Cook in Comfort

Dark base cabinets ground this bright white kitchen, generating a warmth and coziness that welcomes anyone into your space. Pair this contrast with white walls and black window trim to carry the theme throughout the entirety of the room.

Strike a Balance

Go half and half with a combination of black and white features, similar to this space. Striking a balance between the two opposites will create a sense of unity, balance and thoughtfulness. When paired with lighter, honey floors like these, this kitchen is sure to stun your guests.

Be Bold and Bright

If you’re trying to position your space between stark contrasts and homey warmth, pick out a Bohemian carpet and softly finished floors to find that balance. You’ll be able to be bold and bright at the same time.

Unify the Backsplash and Counter

This crisp statement kitchen utilizes the same black, matte stone for both the backsplash and countertops, ensuring a bold statement and fluidity through the upper cabinets. There’s no rule that states they must differ, so noodle with the idea. It may be just what you’re looking for.

Ground Yourself in Neutrals

This rustic kitchen employs every element of a neutral palate, while maintaining visual interest across different pieces of the room. The natural shiplap ceiling also teaches an important lesson: your ceiling doesn’t have to be white.

Construct Contemporary Cabinetry

This contemporary space includes every element of a modern space: dark cabinetry, warmer wooden bar stools, stainless-steel appliances and even a sleek stainless-steel countertop.

Color Your Ceiling

A lesson in ceilings. Once again, there are no rules. Play around with colors that unify your space and make you smile because that’s when you’ll find the perfect combination for your style. Darker ceilings tend to make a room feel shorter, but this pitched ceiling is the perfect way to utilize a darker color to draw the eye up the to the top of the room.

Aim for High-Contrast

Between the floors, the range hood and the cabinets, this kitchen is all about high-contrast. If you’re looking to make a statement in every element of your kitchen, take notes on the chevron patterned floors and organized tile backsplash.

Pick Standout Furniture

Try utilizing floor to ceiling black cabinets as an anchor for your space and compliment them through your furniture. This stark white table and clear acrylic chairs integrate smoothly into the space, while also serving as an illuminated focal point in the center of the darkness.

Brighten with Black

It seems contradictory, but use black features to brighten up your space. The darker pieces will frame the lighter elements of your kitchen, ultimately highlighting the impact they have on the space. Frame window with black trim to emphasize their presence and draw an eye out to your beautiful view.

Match Your Ceiling and Backsplash

Did you know that you can match your ceiling and your backsplash? Just like a matching countertop-backsplash situation, unifying your ceiling and backsplash will create a fluidity in small spaces like this one, drawing your eye up through the room.

Sing with Stainless Steel

If you’re a stainless-steel fanatic, then make the most of it throughout your kitchen. Countertops and appliances alike can match with this metallic madness. Pair the metal with darker cabinets and lighter floors for a contemporary combo.

Utilize Height

If you have high ceilings, make the most of them by installing floor to ceiling cabinets. For an extra level of impact, choose darker cabinets to create a statement wall and beautiful aesthetic.

Combine Classic Elements with Modern Moves

Classics are called such for a reason: They’re timeless and elegant. Play around with some of these, like a beautiful marble countertop, then pair it with trendier statement pieces, like these globed light pendants and detailed glass cabinet doors.

Keep It Classic

There’s no need to go over the top with color, pattern and bold accessories if that isn’t your style. This contemporary kitchen employs classic elements like white subway tiles, natural open shelving and basic metal stools for a quintessential look that highlights quality design.

Finish with Modern Touches

This simplistic kitchen is dotted with modern touches that elevate it to the next level of style. Dark cabinets, contrasted with light walls and countertops, are accentuated with brushed metal hardware and colored glass light pendants.

Overlap Elements

This unique kitchen employs a variety of captivating features to keep the eye darting back and forth throughout the space. Take the overlapping island, for example. The physical overlap of the pieces, working in conjunction with the black and white color play, create a focal piece that may require a bit more thought at first glance.

Bring the Darkness Down

While light flooring creates a warm, inviting tone, darker floors set the scene for spectacle. This modern example incorporates black flooring among additional dark appliances and cabinetry for a dramatic impact.

Try Mixing Cabinet Colors

Homeowners tend to unify their cabinetry, both in color and style. This quirky kitchen breaks that standard. With white top cabinets and black lower cabinets, this kitchen works to draw the eye both up and down, creating the illusion of a loftier space.

Play with Chalkboard Paint

One way to perpetuate your kitchen’s thematic darkness is through chalkboard paint. This fun feature will excite the kids, while also working to keep you organized and on top of your important notes.

Finished with Unfinished Elements

Create dimension within your space by incorporating both finished and unfinished elements. The raw ceiling beams in this space warm the room, while adding raw character from the core of the home. These beams are paired with more modern, finished elements like sleek countertops and structured cabinetry.

Work with Windows

Take advantage of exterior walls by inserting windows. Natural light is a great way to compliment darker kitchens while contributing a more organic atmosphere to the space.

Mold Modern Spaces

Linear overhead lighting, clean lines and simplicity mold this kitchen into a modern paradise. If you’re striving for architecture like this in your own space, remember: Less is more.

Unify Cabinets and Countertops

To create continuity throughout your island and other counter spaces, keep your aesthetic choices simple. Bold black features with simple black island stools will create an elegant, fluid look and feel in your space.

Strive for Warm Contrast

Ground your kitchen with a dark floor and dark cabinets, but integrate warmth through your countertop, like this butcher block example. To further differentiate your space, plaster the walls with a simple white subway tile and insert a few brushed metal light pendants.

Offer a Place to Dine

The four, dark wooden barstools lining the waterfall island are perfect for a breakfast bar or even for the kids to help out in the kitchen. Matching light pendants unify the chair detailing, while also pulling shades of brown from the tile backsplash.

Make Details Matter

Create pops of interest on dark cabinetry with metallic details, like this golden hardware. Further unify the space by incorporating golden light pendants. For a bit more fancy, take crown moldings and elegant columns for a spin.

Camouflage Appliances

Let your appliances fall to the background by emphasizing other elements in the space. Dark cabinets will help to distract from the over exposed stainless-steel. Add funky bar stools like these black and white stunners for an additional reason to take your eyes off the appliances.

Be Bold with Brass

Couple matte black cabinetry with bold brass pieces, like this extended brass backsplash. Unify the two elements via brass hardware on the cabinets and you have a powerful room that will have your guests asking how you did it.

Accent with Black

If you want to incorporate black into your kitchen, it doesn’t have to overtake the space. Pepper subtle accents of black throughout the space. You won’t realize why the room feels so unified, but secret: It’s because of those black details. They stand out, without distracting from the larger image of the room.

Stop the Show with Sheen

Go all out with sheen on your cabinets, countertop and backsplash. No amount of sparkle is ever too much, so make the most of your room’s natural lighting and let your kitchen glisten.

Mix Patterns

Unify your space by utilizing all darker elements, but create a bit more detail through the orientation of your backsplash tiles. By positioning them in different patterns and at different angles, you will develop a focal point for the space while still maintaining that dark continuity you curated.

Go Glam or Go Home

If you’re going to go glam, go all the way. Pair darker pieces with funky stools, light fixtures and floors. These darker pieces will ground the space and ensure the more interesting elements shine as the centerpiece of the space.

Lighten with Skylights

Darker kitchen elements can be paired with lots of natural light to ensure the open feel of your room. One way to incorporate more natural light than from your plain old window is through skylights. Adding light without taking up any of your wall space, skylights allow you to keep the integrity of your backsplash while giving you that organic overheard brightness.

Clean Up with Clean Lines

With busier kitchens, the key to balance visual interest is through clean lines. They will make the space feel more organized, while adding another element of decoration to the space. Shiplap is a great way to accomplish this trick.

Take Advantage of Texture

There are a multitude of ways to incorporate texture into your kitchen and ultimately unify different rooms. This gray cushioned accent wall adds an element of comfort, drawn from the living room area of the space. The black shiplap unifies the kitchen and eating nook. The neutral tones throughout each area create fluidity throughout the entire space.

Use Black in Understated Ways

Black features don’t have to be the focal point of your space. This kitchen is a prime example of this. Between the full wall of glass paneled shelving to the dramatic light pendant, the kitchen’s black cabinets fall to the back and out of the spotlight.